Clean Your PC RAM Without Any Third-Party Software

If your pc is slow and not working properly? Do many times hang out when you work? Please clean your RAM immediately way this problem you face every moment. We are mainly focusing our mind to clean PC memory for speed up but it is also important to clean RAM. When you open 2 or three files or software maybe you looking your PC not working and very slow working but you clean already your junk files memory cache files. But you cannot see any big change in your speed? Today we learn how to clean a PC RAM without any third pertly software and how to make our computer faster. Third-party software sometimes slows your PC because it not only cleans your computer its takes also some space from your RAM. Also, create many problems for your PC. It is a very old and common topic but learns newly maybe you can find your solution.

Clean Your RAM With Notepad

We make two files in notepad after we check our RAM space and clean that very simple. For this work, we open notepad software which is available on every PC. To open notepad just go to the start menu other way search notepad.

My computer RAM is 4 GB and converts it MB (4X1024)X100000=409600000 you can convert any RAM like this. For Make this calculation we make one chart suppose your computer RAM 2 GB, 3GB, 4GB, 6 GB and 8 GB you can calculate it easily.

RAM Calculation:

512 RAM=512X100000=51200000

1GB RAM=(1X1024)X100000=102400000

2GB RAM=(2X1024)X100000=204800000

4GB RAM=(4X1024)X100000= 409600000

6GB RAM=(6X1024)X100000=614400000

Same as you can calculate any RAM and put this one first bracket on the notepad and save this file name Ram cleaner.vbs format. Ok, one file makes completed and we make the same as another VBS format file on the notepad.

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Open Again notepad apps same as before and make another one file save it name Ram cleaner2.vbs

Remember here we write mystring after equal and first bracket, eight after seven zero again first bracket close save it name Ram cleaner2.vbs.

Two file making is finished now we do final work for clean our computer RAM clean. First, we check how much free space is available in our PC RAM.

For checking our Ram space we go now command prompt open this one from search bar search just comm you seen command prompt apps after open this program and write here system info enter. You can see your Ram free space and open this two file first one which are what we make before and again open 2nd file. You cannot see anything but your RAM space is clean automatically.

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Double click after opening two files you can go again command prompt and write here system info you looking here your RAM space is increase.

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