How to work Self Driving Cars Like a Human?

self driving cars

Future people mainly choose self-driving cars. Self-driving’s most interesting feature is the cars drive with robotic software. First working for self-drive cars Google but now 19 more companies; Namely: Tesla, Uber, Wemo (Google), Toyota, BMW, Volvo, Nissan, Ford, General Motors, Daimler, Audi, Baidu (Chinese Search Engine), Honda, Hyundai, Auto Supplier Bosch, PSA Group, PSA Group, Leica, Apple working to include self-driving cars. Elon masks already produce millions of self-driving cars that are drive-in American roads. Why people’s first choices are self-driving cars? Because it is safer from other cars and no need to drive on the road. Just push one button and go to where you want. Today we are talking about how to work self-drive cars and other vehicles and how it is possible.

Why Important Self Driving Cars?

On average, 1,250,000 people die every year in the world, including 20,000 in Bangladesh, 230,000 in India, and an average of 30,000 in the United States. When it comes to driving, we are really bad driving. On top of that, I got into a lot of accidents due to my habit of drinking and driving, talking on the phone while driving, and so on. However, the machine may prove to be a much better driver than our humans — they do not drink alcohol or talk on mobile phones and secondly, they may think and make decisions much faster than humans. And I will discuss at the end of this article how machines are better and safer to drive than humans. Now let’s learn more about the technology used to operate driverless cars.

How is work Self Driving Cars?

In this article, we will discuss how Google Self Driving Car Project Wemo works. See, GPS data alone may not be enough to drive a car accurately on the road, because GPS is not capable of providing such precise navigation. Some more sensors are required for driving without a driver which will work together with special software and GPS to ensure safe travel. The best thing about self-driving car technology is that the technology used in it is already being used in some cases, these are not new or untested technologies that could pose a risk.

The first is a LiDAR sensor mounted on top of the car; Which works entirely on remote sensing technology. Simply put, it’s like a 360-degree camera with 32 or 64 laser formats. The leader throws a laser beam at all objects in front of or around the vehicle, and the beam returns to the vehicle’s sensor after being tied to the object, enabling it to determine the actual distance between the object and the vehicle and create a 3D map. In this way, the car receives an idea about the car in front of any object. Moreover, self-driving cars follow a straight line on the road, where we humans drive a lot.


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In addition to the leader, the driverless car has a widescreen high-standard camera as a second eye. This camera also always monitors the environment around the car and helps to avoid danger. These cameras specifically monitor pedestrians, cyclists, and other motorists. Moreover, with this camera, the self-driving car can see different road signs and pay attention to the traffic signals.

In addition, the car is fitted with four radar units with two sensors at the front and two sensors at the rear. These sensors monitor the speed of the vehicle and the speed of the vehicle located around the vehicle. In addition, signals are sent from the radar to the processing unit (vehicle brain) about when your car will run fast and when it will slow down, or when it will need to brake. Moreover, signals are sent to the processing unit from some more advanced sensors, including the gyroscope, so that the car can make the best decision to avoid an accident.

The outside of the self-driving car has a GPS receiver attached to an antenna, which stores GPS data from the satellite. But not only relying on GPS maps, but the car also has its own designed map where every place and every road is described in great detail. Moreover, an ultra sonic sensor mounted on the front wheel monitors the movement of the vehicle.

Self Driving Cars Is Safe?

Google claims that about 94% of accidents are caused by people’s own decisions and mistakes. Most of these accidents are due to speeding, drunk driving, talking on the phone, and dark nights. Google Self Driving Car has already covered more than 2 million miles without any accidents. Google Car is not to blame for the accident but the man-driven car. And to be honest, the Google Wemo car is still accident-free, and that may be the main reason for choosing a self-driving car.

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