How We Can Watch YouTube Video Without Ads?

watch video without ads

You tube is a now world biggest video sharing and watching platform. Even you cannot find one men who cannot watch video in you tube. Google says presently they are have 2000 million plus users and they are watch daily 1000 million hour video. How to watch this big time video? It is very simple some people watch tutorial, some people movie, song and other entertainment but most of the kids use this platform for various types cartoon watching. It is very popular for learner. Teacher also use this platform for their student teaching. Now it is one of the big earning platform. You tube earn money from this sector use add. You tube 75% money send their content creator from her total earning.

How to watch ads free video?

When you tube users watch much important video then show one or more add which are so boring. So we can try to learn how to watch you tube video without adds.

First Way:

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2nd Way:

  • Open your Google Chrome browser or Firefox browser
  • Go to Google Chrome settings
  • Extension
  • From Firefox settings go ad One
  • Now Click ad One/ Extension
  • Just finish your work You can watch ads free video.

3rd Way:

If you buy Premium member ship you can watch ads free video. Price $2 or less monthly subscription rate.

When you wants to watch ads free video in mobile

If you wants to watch ads free video in mobile just install chrome browsers and add extension after go you tube and watch ads free video. It is very easy and just follow 2nd way in your mobile.

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