How To Fixed Computer/Laptop shutdown problem

automatic shotdown problem

It is very annoying when a laptop suddenly shut down in the middle of an important task. And on top of that, if this shutdown problem keeps recurring, then you will want to throw the laptop away in anger. However, most of the time there is nothing wrong with your laptop, but some of the following can cause such problems. Some of the reasons for this tune have been mentioned and they have been given troubleshooting, hopefully, this time your shutdown problem will be solved.

Driver Problem

Does the device driver handle updates automatically on your PC? – In that case, your PC may suddenly restart. After many drivers have been updated you need to restart your Windows PC to work properly with the hardware. However, most of the time before the PC restart gives you a warning, but many times the PC can restart without warning.

Driverpack solution is a free and very useful tool that keeps all the drivers of your PC updated and helps you to use the correct driver.


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Infected laptops can also cause sudden shutdown problems. Not only this, with the help of malware you can do a lot of great things for your PC. Windows Defender is not enough to handle all these problems, you need to use a secondary anti-malware program with a well-paid antivirus program. Of course, the virus database must be kept up to date, so you can get better protection!

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The sudden shutdown of the laptop again without notice, really a lot of trouble. You may not be doing something important, maybe you are watching a movie, but the laptop may suddenly turn off and cause annoyance.

Hardware Problem

Hardware problems can cause the laptop to shut down suddenly or cause a Blue Screen of Death problem. Maybe you bought a new portable device and connected it but it has a hardware problem, then the laptop may have been shutting down repeatedly.

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If you have recently added new hardware or device to your PC, check to see if your laptop is responsible for repeated shutdowns. If there is a problem with the motherboard or RAM or CPU; Take your laptop to the service center without worrying about yourself. Especially the laptop is better not to try to fix the hardware by itself.


More Heat Your PC or Laptop?

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Excessive heat can be a major cause of laptops rushing off without any warning. Now there are several reasons why your laptop may face overheating problems. Dust and dirt may have accumulated on your laptop fan, you may have clocked the CPU, or you may have been using the laptop over a bed or pillow for too long, but the machine may overheat!

First, how do you know if your laptop is getting too hot?

Move your hand toward the side corner of the laptop, especially where the fan grille is mounted. If you feel the normal temperature in your hand then there is no reason to worry, if you feel too much heat then there is definitely a problem!

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In this case, turn off the laptop immediately, be sure not to use the laptop on a cloth or on a soft bed, as the fan can not get enough hot air out. Keep the laptop in a flat place like a table. After shutting down the hot laptop, look at the back to see if there is any dirt. If necessary, use the screwdriver to open the back lid and try to remove the dust from the fan. If you want, you can use a computer vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from the fan.

Another reason why laptops get extremely hot is that the heat sink is damaged. If the heat sync is damaged, you must replace it. Do not use the laptop in direct sunlight, it may cause overheating issues.

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