Bangladesh First Hydrogen Fuel Plant Nears Completion

Future many types of vehicles running with water. My talking is like jokes. Now our researcher says future fuel comes from water because they are already successfully made Hydrogen fuel from water. Future vehicle working and running with Hydrogen fuel. For this project one team import hydrogen fuel running cars from Japan. The researcher successfully produce hydrogen fuel and ran and worked this car. It is very good news for everyone because the fuel does not increase pollution. Bangladesh is going to enter with the addition of hydrogen fuel, leaving behind many countries in the world in terms of renewable fuel.

Hydrogen fuel plants

In Bangladesh city, Chittagong makes like one projects and researching to separating Hydrogen from water. The researcher says they are successful to complete this work. To separate Hydrogen from the water make one lab and install many ultramodern mercenaries. Indigenous technology is being used here as well as abroad.

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Directly Bangladesh depends on its fuel sector from importing. Huge amount of money the country needs for this sector. That is the reason Bangladesh try to produce new fuel which is helping to increase the economy. If Bangladesh can make renewable wastewater, many countries will come forward. We are known in chemistry language water and oxygen mixed after made water. Now our researcher’s main work divides these two basic substances. According to the above description, renewable hydrogen fuel is going to be the fuel of the future.

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Bangladesh makes a new plant for Hydrogen separation from water. Here we looking for many types of machinery installation for producing Hydrogen fuel. The plants are established in the 2nds Chittagong commercial capital in Bangladesh. For this research, Bangladesh already imports a hydrogen car from Japan. Researcher says Hydrogen fuel producing system plants maximum work is finished and very early they are will be successful to produce Hydrogen fuel. If the successful this plants Bangladesh future use this type of fuel and conversion all vehicles.


Normally a car can go per liter 15 to 17 kilometers but when you use Hydrogen fuel per liter you can go 100 to 120 kilometers. The fuel is a very powerful and cheap price. Bangladesh commerce minister already drives the hydrogen fuel car and he expected next year our plants commercial producing.

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Now Bangladesh available and maximum vehicle use fuel diesel, petrol, kerosene, and electric. These types of fuel increase our environmental pollution. This type of fuel vehicle is very good for the environment and this type of fuel cannot increase environmental pollution. Future Bangladesh will be happy and clean without pollution.

Japan already production these types of fuel and vehicles. Bangladesh follows this system and includes many new Indigenous technologies.


This types of fuel have some disadvantages. Bangladesh every area and every space not available like this fuel. If you go outside of fuel this is a big problem for everyone. So we want this type of fuel in every area and every space after we can buy hydrogen fuel cars.


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