The Little Scientist Ashir Astonished the world.


Ashir the name of the new little scientist includes the name from Bangladesh. Who research and already made Airplane, fighter flights, Drone, and many other vehicles. Ashir had dreamed of making airplanes since childhood. When an airplane flew over his head, he wondered if could build such an airplane. Slowly his dream wings began to match. He draws planes to start to work and research. Ashir is an intelligent student who made many designs and after the design, he successfully made airplanes, fighter jets, and drones. Which are working amazingly local area people and international people watch astonished after published he discover. Ashir lives in a village make here one of his room laboratory for his research. For this work, his father gave him the most encouragement. His father wants his son onetime make a good scientist and discover many things.

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Why Important His Talent?

Ashir Drone model

Bangladesh needs more talent to discover like elements. Because our economy growth very well. The small discover can help our economy to more growth. Another country what do they catch any talent from the third world and give him a lot of facility for developing t he sector. Ashir also same talent because he tries and success to make intelligent projects. It is very important for a country. Talents like him should be used for the development of the country by sponsoring them in the country. Who knows, doing so will create many more eighties and our country will one day be able to build aircraft. It should be remembered that in a country where knowledge is not valued, talented people are not born.


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Ashir Discover:

Ashir fighter jet model

The dream boy always tries to discover something different. He says he wants people can fly at sky very cheap price when his discovery successfully works. Maybe he success one day fly in the sky with his airplane. Now already Ashir makes airplanes, fighter jet Mig29, and water speed boats.

Ashir Future Plane:

The dream boy says he wants more research and our gov’t help him one day they have succeeded in our country.

Good News For Ashir

Much social media published the talent boy news. After Bangladesh aviation call him for study in higher degree and admission. Ashir can now research here and earn more knowledge we hope very early succeed and learn in aviation university.

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