Do Not On”Facebook Protect”? Should Be Your AC. Locked

Recently Facebook announce the release of a new feature for users. Why new features you can ask me? The new features give you more security to save your Facebook account. You can say why they are before not giving us security? Of course, you know recently hackers very easily hack anyone’s Facebook account. That the reason Facebook tries to discovers new security options. The developer successfully makes one new option for your account protection. The new security options name “Facebook Protect”. If you are On this option you can take more facility for saving your account.

Facebook start a new rule. According to the new rule, they are sending messages or notifications. The message says the target time is 28 October you need to turn on new features. If you do not turn on this option may be your account locked.

Do the Facebook users say what is “Facebook Protect” how to work it? The Facebook official website says huge quantity very important account the wants more secured and make new features name “Facebook Protect”. It is an optional program in which one important person account gives security. It is the first time to start in the USA and UK elections for important account security. After the features start in Canada.

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However, in 2021 the features start for the world all countries. They announce they are sent on Facebook and in another way they are shown ads on Facebook. Your account is likely to reach many people. For which you need strong security. Facebook has created a new feature for the security of everyone’s account like your account. Authorities have already added improved security measures to the investment.


Why need to On “Facebook Protect”?

When launching Facebook Protect, go to the Learn More option to find out more about why Facebook Protect is important. It also says that hackers are always interested in accounts that have a lot of followers, that manage important pages, or that have community significance. Facebook has requested that this advanced security program be launched to prevent such targeted attacks or intentional attacks.

How can Start the “Facebook Protect” Option?

According to Facebook’s website, those who can turn on this feature can find out through Facebook. Those who fall under it will be able to turn on the setting by following the rules below.

  • Go to Facebook Setting options
  • Security and loging option
  • Facebook Protect a new option
  • Tape to On the Facebook Protect

Regarding Facebook Protect, technology experts say that this feature of Facebook will provide basic security issues of the account such as username, password, or two-factor authentication as well as some additional security.
After this, before any post appears on the account holder’s page, Farder will be authenticated. So that no one else can abuse this account, protect it from threats. But not everyone, but Facebook is sending messages to those who think they could be threatened.


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