Top 10 Biggest IT Services Company In China

Top IT company in China

If you search best IT company for own projects? Chinese Software industries are the top growing sector in the world. The statistic shows the number of companies in the software industry in China from 2009 to 2019. In 2019, over 40,000 plus companies were active in the software industry in China. The country is now 2nd largest economy in the world. The quantity is increasing day by day amazingly. Everyone knows China’s software industry is a big factor in increasing its economy. So we cannot imagine the industry is how much big and how to grow the sector. We look below at the 10 biggest Chinese companies by 12 months trailing revenue. Unlike major U.S companies and many Chinese companies on our list are either state-owned or are partly controlled by the state. All data provided by YChart and as of January 13, 2021. Here we talking about the top 10 IT services companies.

Top 10 IT company List and Their Market Capital

  6. VisiChain
  8. Axius Software
  10. ShenZhen Feasycom Technology Co. LTD.

1) Beyondsoft Consulting INC:

Beyondsoft consulting is a business IT and consulting based company which provide services in Singapur, Beijing, Noida, India and Kyiv. The company founded in 1995, has more then 10,000 plus employee and provides BI and big data consulting & SI, cloud consulting and SI, It strategy consulting, custom software development, and enterprise app moderization services. The company also provides in market various industries that include IT, automotive and financial services.

2) CENTLING Technologies

`CentLing technology is an IT business services company which headquarter Qingdao Shi, China. The company was founded in 2009, and they are providing 32 specializes in custom software development, mobile app development, and web design. The company works with small businesses and enterprises, focusing on information technology and telecommunication.

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CentLing Technology worked with global telecommunication to develop software for several of the clients for telecommunication projects. The client was impressed with their ability to communicate about the technology.


HCL Technologies

HCL technologies (shanghai) limited is a cyber security company headquartered in shanghai China. The company was founded in 2007 the midsized team provides, cyber security, cloud consulting & SI, IT managed services, IT strategy consulting, and more. A global engineering manufacturer always looking for good management and HCL provides their good technology for everything do easily. The company helps their customer by selling products worldwide with networking.


IT Consultis

IT consulting is an IT-based consulting company which headquarters in Shanghai, China, and an additional location in Singapore. The IT services company was established in 2011, increasing their business and services. IT consulting has 90+ employees and they’re provided in the market include CRM consultants, web development, and custom software development.

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IT consulting provides in-market web development services for publishing and events companies. They are developed to a site for the client in the build-up of new events. Many companies reported IT consulting give their expectation and performance service is very well in the markets.


INCN Technology

INCN technology is the most popular IT services company in China & the international market. International IT expert in building modern, progressively built with a sound business strategy, latest trend technologies to make the process of getting your profit-making platform like eCommerce, portfolio website, many types of apps build, digital marketing, Branding, advanced learning classes, Desktop software, etc, for your business. They are also provided in the market with all blockchain and AI dataset-related work. They have also a team in India, China, and other countries for dataset collection annotation and leveling.

6) VisiChain

VisiChain provides you visibility, productivity, and efficiency throughout in entire supply chain. Empower your team to make the correct decision at every step in your supply chain-from managing supplying relationships, production, and quality management to logistics. The company has 249+ employees who are working day and night to complete their mission.



Shintech Europe is an IT strategy consulting and custom software development house-based company which headquarter is London, United Kingdom. The company was founded in 2010 and its team of around 600 serves clients in the healthcare and sporting industries. They provide market WordPress services, Ruby on Rails, Drupal, and .NET development. Their work delivered great value over the course of other several projects.

8) Axios Software

Axios Software

Axios software is a Global software and development and digital consulting company which has offices in India and China. They have good experience to work internationally. The company provides solutions, services, and consultancy to customers as per their needs, expectation and within the desired time frame. They are also working on web development, mobile apps, and other many trending solutions. Axious software provides its customers with digital marketing and consulting services.



Justpro is an IT consulting and services company that was headquartered in Sydney and established in 1995. They provide their customers with ERP consulting and SI, Custom software development, web design, apps development, and services projects. Justpro implemented an automotive company’s ERP solution and developed its forecast management system to help it respond to customer needs more effectively and efficiently.

10) Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co. LTD


Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co. LTD is a research and development services-based company. They are products including Bluetooth modules, WIFI modules, Bluetooth Beacons, Gateways, and Bluetooth adapters. With more 15 years of experience in wireless connectivity, Feasycom has massive capabilities in providing low-risk product development, reducing system integration costs, and shortening the product customization cycles for thousands of customers worldwide.

Note: We collect here data from many journal and website the top company sometime down and up the list it totally diffend on her performance. We try to collect all information from online so maybe some data wrong and most of the data is correct. Please if you have any question comment in comment box.

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