Google Will Stop All Old Mobile Model Service

Google End old version services

If you have old model mobile? Your mobile android version is below 2.3.7, so I have bad news for you. Because Google already declared android version 2.3 below all types of android mobile models their a closed service and anyone cannot run this type of mobile. Android version 2.3 is a very old maximum type of application not download. Now Google takes the decision for old mobile. They do not agree to give service old type android mobile. Check your mobile android version minimum is 3. Google also says this month after September 2021 a lot of smartphones cannot work properly. Do not work many important apps. They also say old mobile cannot work on youtube, Google Drive, Gmail, Google maps, play store, and many other Google services. For this reason, after 27 September 2021 maximum old mobile stops work. Google mainly android version 2.3.7 types version stop work after this date.

Samsung Old Mobile

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Why Google Stop Old Mobile Service?

Google does not ban your mobile but the company stops service upon apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Playstore, Youtube, Google play services extra. If you cannot use this service should be you are not agreeing to use it like this mobile. The phone which the company made is no matter Google says if your mobile android version is 2.3.7 that mobile cannot work any Google apps. It means after this date you can use this version only for local and international direct sim to sim calls. Google did not break your mobile stop their own service


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Which Is Old Mobile?

Google stop their service like Samsung S series mobile same as S1, S2. The Samsung S series mobile was too popular and many many people were available like this mobile. After the death date, this type of mobile which is operating version is 2.3.7 which is not working any Google Apps.

How to Check Your Old Mobile Is Update Version 3 plus?

Old Mobile Version Check

If you want to check your mobile which version working you can check easily. After the check, you can take the necessary action. To check your mobile version follow the below steps:

  • Go to your mobile setting option
  • About
  • Android verion
  • Here Shown android version

Google finally end their service and you should change your mobile. Another way you cannot enjoy the google all service.

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