Top 10 Largest Group Of Company In China 2021

largest group of company china

Everyone knows about China’s economy how to growing. According to a global report, the Chinese economy grows like a boom. In the 2020 Covid-19 situation many international companies left the country. Japanese gov.t says if the Japanese company shifts their factory other country gov.t give a big incentive. Many companies take this big incentive and shit their business in another country. But once again, the country’s economy has turned around nicely after the Covid-19 pandemic. Every sector again recovers and goes to the world’s top position economy. China’s top company list by market cap and by their worth.


Alibaba Group Holding
Alibaba Group Holding top company

Alibaba Group Holding is China-based multination e-commerce industry headquarters is in the USA. Alibaba group holding company the year 2021 acquire the world ranking 9 and locally top and take number one position in the whole country. The same year total company value was $648.320 billion. Alibaba is the top B2B service provider. Alibaba connects importers and exporters throw an online platform.

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Alibaba provides business-to-business services, business to consumer services. 2 Million-plus suppliers have registered with Ali baba. Globally if the suppliers want buyers and buyers want suppliers Alibaba is the best platform. Alibaba allows small businesses to sell their products online nationally and internationally providing an easy platform through Globally the company has 117,600 employees working.



Tencent holding is a China-based Multinational investment conglomerate company. In the year 2021 Tencent globally ranks 10th position and nationally take position no-2. Tencent is a leading provider of internet value-added services in China. Tencent has maintained steady growth under its user-oriented operating strategies. In June 2004 the company was first time listed on the Hongkong stock exchange which Headquarters in China. The company’s total market cap in 2021 is $609.44 Billion. Tencent presents CEO Ma Huateng and the total quantity of employees is 85,858.



ICBC stands for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and is a multinational Bank based in China. ICBC has around the world 445,106 employees as of count 2019. The company’s total market cap is $244.01 Billion in September 2021. Globally rank the company 42 and nationally rank position is 3. Headquarter of ICBC Beijing, China. ICBC is the biggest bank in China. ICBC provides financial products and services to 8098 thousand corporate customers and 650 personal customers.

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ICBC has 17000+ domestic branches and 82191 ATMs across 41+ countries. The company world ranking 42 and nationally rank 3rd position in China. ICBC bank present CEO Nicolas Jiminez.


Ping An Insurance

Ping An Insurance is a China-based Insurance and financial leading company in China and the company Headquarters same county in China. Ping An Insurance company has business in Insurance, Banking, and Financial Services. The headquarters is in China. The company’s annual revenue end of the year 2020 was 1113 Billion and Ping An Insurance’s annual income was 143.1 billion in CNY. It’s ranking globally 1 Sep 2021 94 and company present CEO Ma Mingzhe. Ping An Insurance working worldwide and 376,900+ employees working day and night for completing their mission.



MEITUAN DIANPING is an internet-based company with a concept of group discounts to customers. The company globally rank this year 2021 September 57 and nationally rank number 5 position. The company market cap is now 201.89 Billion. 54,580 workers working for their completing mission worldwide. When goods are sold in bulk, Meituan will get some commission. The company headquarters is in Beijing China also, as in the 2019 report the company had 4700 stores from 31 cities 19 countries.


China Marchant Bank

China Marchant Bank is a Banking and financial services company with headquarters in Shenzen, China. The company globally ranks this year 2021 Sep. 59 position and nationally rank number 6 position. The China Marchant Bank total market cap. 198.77 Billion. China Merchants Bank’s total annual market income is 267.9 Billion China CNY. About 90,867 plus workers working for their completing mission worldwide. China Merchants Bank had more than 1800 branches worldwide as of 2019.


China Construction Bank Corporation

China construction Banks stands for China Construction Bank and is the second-largest bank in China. According to a 2019 report the company had 13,629 branches in China and 347,356 thousand workers working for their completing mission. The company globally ranks 67 positions and nationally ranks no 7 positions. According to a report by China Construction Bank, in Sep 2021 total market cap is $186.03 Billion. The company provides mainly financial services which have worldwide branches.


Huawei Technology

Huawei is the most popular brand for smartphones and many other electronic devices in the whole world. HUAWEI manufacture and telecom equipment and has business in telecom infrastructure. Huawei achieved over 1 Billion connected Huawei devices worldwide and 730+ million Huawei smartphones, users as of 2020 which Headquarters in Shenzhen China. The globally rank 69 positions and nationally rank number 8 position. The company has 194,000 workers who are working day and night for their completing mission.

Huawei mainly provides in the market telecom, telecom equipment, and technology services. They also produced and manufactures, Mobile, tablets, electronics, and consumer electronics.


Contemporary Amperex Technology

Contemporary Amperex Technology globally ranks this Sep 2021 take position 79 and nationally rank number 9 position. The company’s total market cap is $170.70 Billion. Amperex technology mainly produced and supplies in market lithium-Ion Batteries and the company Headquarter in Hong Kong. It is one of the top technologies and electronics in China and worldwide.


Agricultural Bank Of China

AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINA is a bank of China which Headquarter in Beijing in China. It is one of the top banks in China. The bank globally ranks 81 and nationally ranks number 9 postion and its market cap Sep 2021 USD 160. 55 Billion. The Bank has 467, 631 workers who completing its mission worldwide. The company present CEO name Zhou Mubing and they are has 23,150+ branches worldwide.

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