5 Amazing Facebook Hidden Tips l Secure Your Facebook

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Facebook hacking is the most common matter present days. Hackers and your opposition people always try to hack your Facebook account. If not make your security tight Facebook accounts, sometimes make its big problem create your life. A few days ago my one friend face the same problem. When he logged in his Facebook says your password and username are wrong. After hacking one day many of his friends call him why he needs money 10000 ask him and they are ready to give him money. He doesn’t know why they are asked like them. His friend says you give one post on Facebook you fall very in danger. He no I am not posting like and he tries to log in to his Facebook but sends a message your username and password were wrong that means his Facebook is a hack. The same problem creates your life hacker any time anywhere. So be careful and Secure your Facebook accounts with these 5 amazing Facebook hidden tips. If you learn these five tricks must succeed to secure your Facebook accounts.

Active logged tips1 :

Many times we log in to our Facebook id from a separate device or other people’s device or our friend’s device and forget to log out. It is the common problem for everyone. This time your friend or other people can miss use for your Facebook Id. They are can publish anything from your ID. Sometimes your friend changes this id password to fall your problem. We can see where is my id login in and what device my id is logging. First, we log out from all devices and secure your id.

First, open your Facebook Apps or log in to your ID:

  • Open three dot option
  • Setting and privacy
  • settings
  • security and login
  • Open Where you’re logged in option
  • Right site you see all (here show all logged device list)
  • Simply logout from this device which are you not use.

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Settings Tips-2:

Every people has many Facebook friends. They are joining many groups and pages. Some time come here unwanted posts which are we don’t want to show on our wall. We also don’t want to unfriend like these people. The post is like a virus or hacker use like this tool we can safe our Facebook below tips. We can hide this person or page’s post. For this work, we go first to this post.

  • Go to unwanted post (tap post right site … option)
  • Tap snoozed (name) for 30 days.
  • Ok finish next 30 days close and do not show any post in your news feed.

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2 Factor Authentication-3:

2-factor authentication is very safe for your Facebook. In this way, hackers cannot hack your Facebook account. If you not setting a 2-factor authentication password set and make it more secure your Facebook account. For settings authentication 2 factor security please follow the below step;

  • Go to three(…) dot option here show menu
  • Settings & Privacy
  • Settings
  • Security and login
  • Tap Use two factor authentication
  • Tap text message ( here show three option authentication app, text message, security key) other people and you login every time come one message after fill this code open your Facebook accounts. Other people cannot give this password and cannot login in your wall.
  • Put your Phone number( If you not input before mobile number. Other way show here your mobile number)
  • Continue
  • Enter code ( you will see one verification send in your mobile phone)
  • Continue
  • If other people want to login every time come one message in your mobile. Other people cannot login and your ID is safe.

Photos & Videos Quality Tips 4:

If you use Facebook you know may when you post any video or photos after some share the photos and video quality go low. We can make for always the photo and video quality in HD. For this work go to settings.

  • Go to three(…) dot option here show menu
  • Settings & Privacy
  • Settings
  • Media and contacts
  • Here On Upload photos in HD
  • On Upload video in HD
  • Ok now finish our work (Your photos and video quality HD showing no decrease quality)

Facebook Watch time Show Tips 5:

How much time watch Facebook in a day or week or month we are don’t know but one setting can you seen how much time west time in Facebook in a day or week or a month this one you can check. How much time you watch Facebook for looking you can go below like settings:

  • Go to three(…) dot option here show menu
  • Settings & Privacy
  • Tape Your time on Facebook
  • Tape from See time
  • You can seen here how much time west Facebook every day and every week and every month

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