Screen Off? During The Calling/Imo Calling Time. Fix-It Easily

screen off

During the calling time display show a black screen when the mobile sensor cannot working properly. Sometimes it happens for sensor disturbing. We are afraid and think my mobile maybe come to a big problem. What we do at the same time is go to a mobile repair shop and say my mobile comes like this problem. The technicians say need a big amount of money to solve it. Last day I bought a new mobile. Which come like this problem and I am very afraid maybe my mobile is destroyed. The mobile name was the Realme C11 model. I am too much unhappy and try to solve this problem but not success before three hours. I think many people come like this problem. Read the full article and Screen off During the calling/IMO calling time fix-easily.

New Mobile Screen Off Solution During Calling or Imo calling time

If you buy new mobile come like this problem you can read it. The first solution screen protector removes because the screen protector covers your sensor after coming screen-off problem. My new mobile comes to the same problem because the shopkeeper installs same screen protector which one is not for this model. After coming screen off a problem when calling dialer or Imo dialer. Just remove the screen protector and check same problem show or no.

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Another solution goes to your setting and search (android versions 10,11 and another version) proximity sensor open this one. On this setting and close your function and again check your mobile screen off or not calling time. I think if this setting problem 100% solves your problem. If this hardware problem is like this way no one solves your problem.

Proximity Sensor

For Solution new mobile follow the step below

  • Settings
  • Search here proximity sensor
  • Open Proximity sensor
  • Press for one Proximity sensor
  • Check now your problem solves or not

Old Mobile Screen Off Solution During Calling or Imo calling time

If your mobile is old and comes like a screen-off problem please follow my new solution. Maximum time the problem comes from your touch or new install LCD or touch. Your new install touch or LCD is not genuine come screen-off the problem. Because your phone sensor cannot work perfectly. So careful and install always genuine touch or LCD. If your touch or LCD everything is ok now check your sensor. The sensor does not work properly come screen off the problem.

For sensor problems you need must go to a repair shop because the sensor you cannot change. Technician can change it after changing this sensor your mobile I think to work properly. A good technician must be solve your problem.

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