Your Phone Call Barring Options l Know How It works?

Every mobile available one option name call barring. If you know about what work does this option really surprise. Because the option really works for you. Many works hide in this option but everyone doesn’t know. Read the full article and learn how to drive your call barring options. It is so interesting and beneficial for you. Many are asking me how to work the option and how we can beneficiary from this option? It is so interesting for every smartphone and feature phone user.

What Options is Looking Phone Call Barring?

When you open phone call barring here looking like bellow options

  • All outgoing calls
  • International outgoing calls
  • No International outgoing calls except to home PLMN are allowed
  • Reject all incoming calls
  • Incoming calls while roaming
  • Cancel all

When you want to open a call barring options the phone asks you a password. How you can get this password is so easy just open your google on your browser. Here type your phone company name and search. Your phone brand name Samsung you type here just Samsung call barring password. Separate brands use separate passwords don’t worry you just search in your google with phone brand name.

Remember: If you put a one-time password remember it because when you need to close this one you need again this password.

International outgoing calls (Call barring)

If you want to use your phone only for national use this time you can open these options. Because sometimes we are looking go international call and cut your big amount of money. You can close this option from call barring.


No International outgoing calls except to home PLMN are allowed

If you want your mobile not to accept incoming or outgoing calls you can open these options. It helps you quickly do this work. After this option, anyone cannot disturb you internationally. So it is an amazing option to close international calls.

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Reject all incoming calls

Another one options for you incall barring. When you want all types of calls close or reject this time is the best option for you. because you cannot do this work without the phone-off option. If you open this option so don’t worry you do not need to power off your phone.

Incoming calls while roaming (Call barring)

If you want to stop your call when you visit another country or travel to another country. It is the best option for you incall barring options. Just on this option and don’t disturb your travel time.

Cancel All

If you want to above all options cancel you can do it easily just click cancel all.

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