Why Important Oximetres For Covid-19 Patient?

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Everyone should be don’t know about Oximeters. This type of meter used to test how much oxygen available in your blood. Very short time an Oximetres can show the result. Result doctors can take action for her patient imergengy. Normally everyone’s blood oxygen is 94+ and if the meter show blood oxygen is 92 or down this time needs emergency put this patient-external oxygen from the cylinder. The covid-19 patient maximum time we looking need external oxygen. This type of patient oxygen available in blood 45 to 90 like. They are cannot take oxygen naturally. That the reason most of the covid-19 patient doctors put oxygen externally. But sometimes it’s not possible to collect in rural or village areas and difficult also.

How to Test In Your Blood Oxygen?

First collect one Oximeter near your pharmacy. A best brand can give you better result so try to collect best brand meters. If you have dyspnoea type patient it is very important for your family. Covid-19 patient urgently need this type machine. The meter can give you result within a few seconds. Only put your finger in this meter after 20-30 some machine take time 50 to 60 seconds after show result.

Pulse Oximeter

Why OxiMeters need Urgently Covid-19 patient?

Every COVID-19 patient when going into a risky situation this time must need Oximeter. Because 10 to 20 minutes need check how much oxygen available in her blood. Doctors always need to observation COVID-19 patients. So it is very important to know what situation a patient COVID-19 patient? How much his need to put oxygen everything come decision take doctors from Oximeters. All normal people’s oxygen is 94, 95 -99, and 100. If you a COVID patient and check it out if you have trouble breathing. Critical patient oxygen show this meter25, 45,75, and other a lot of type but not go up 94. This time must need patient-external oxygen.


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Tips: How to increase oxygen naturally?

International many reputed doctors says we can naturally increase our blood oxygen. I wan’t to try this in my one big syster when he go critical situation. Hospital not available bad oxygen are not available this time what we do? We want naturally how to increase blood oxygen searching. One time we find this amazing tricks. It so easy you can put any patient. My elder sister we put this tricks amazingly increase his blood oxygen. My elder brother oxygen show oximeter 87. It not critical but he says having trouble breathing.

Three body position increase your blood oxygen. You can just try this my elder sister take this position after 30 minutes his blood position come upto 95+. Don’t afraid try this way if not increase blood oxygen please work same as what doctors say. Below pictures we show this position and first position is very amazingly work.

No: 1

Patient Take this position 2 hours after you feel better blood oxygen.

No: 2

Take this position 2 hours after increasing blood oxygen

No: 3

Take this position 2 hours after increasing blood oxygen

First position spacialist says is the better position put three pillow after here take this position. After 1/2 to 2 hour your blood oxygen come 94+ and it work naturally without any medicine. Try to do this please comment if you feel better.

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