Best Way To Protect Your Favorite Bike From The Thief

motor bike thief

To buy a middle-class family motorcycle-like us is a hard buy. We need to save many days money after can buy a motorbike. If the bike of the hobby is stolen due to negligence, then there will be no more. All space is not the available thief but some space is very risky. Where available a lot of thieves then we thinking many a good lock system is very important for our bike. But this time we cannot buy a security lock. We need to know how to protect our bike from thief and to easily handle without any lock. Because all motorbike has some security system. Everyone doesn’t know about this. We can more secure our motorbike without any security system. Read the full article and know how we can more secure our bikes without and any security system.

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We use many security systems for motorcycles like hydrophilic brake systems, key locks, and other types of digital lock systems. The digital lock system is a very effective but high price. You can With the help of a Digital system lock, you can control your bike with an Android mobile, a thief cannot steal your bike. It is so safe and strong security system. Like this lock how to work how is looking read from here.

Every motorbike has a good lock system name handle lock but the thief does not take 2 seconds to break it. We are cleared here with more security needs for our bike. Today we discuss some extra locks which are available for every bike but we don’t know.

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First, we want to know how to thief stolen a motorcycle. Any thief first breaks the handle lock after cutting the start switch cable and starts to kick run out. This is the best way to thief a motorbike. We will also lock our bikes using this method. We know a thief or one can never walk away. Because it has a 100% chance of being caught.

Plug Method:

We know every motorbike has one or two plugs which using for bike start. First, we remove the plug cover plastic and we cover this plug with any small paper. After again put this plastic cover. Be sure your motorcycle start or not start with a kick or start key. Must check you put this paper people invisible. Because thieves can catch your cunning.

Motor Bike Plug

When you want to start your bike remove this paper and start your bike easily. Maybe your bike is safe from thieves. It is very easy and no need for any lock for your bike save. The way is working 40 to 50% for saving your bike.

Device Lock:

Most motorbike available insight the sit one device. If the engine type is corroborate called CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition), another type of engine use ECU ( Electronic control unit). The device is used for motorcycle engine start. It is the heart of the engine. So when we think our bike may be stolen we remove just open your set cover and remove the connector from this device. After you try you cannot start your bike. It gives you more safety because thieves cannot start your bike. If you do not connect this cable you also cannot start this bike. This way gives your motorbike 60% to 70% safety.


For broke this lock thief must need to set the cover lock broke. I think the thief not successful to broken your sit cover lock. If try to open sit cover people maybe known this.

Device Remove Lock:

We know every motorbike insight the sit available one device name CDI or ECU. We can remove it for our vehicle safety. Before we remove only the cable may be a thief who broken your sit cover lock after joining this cable and can start your motorbike but when you think you need more safety, you can remove this device. After removing the device take this in your pocket or your bag. Now your bike is totally safe because thief any position cannot start your bike. The thief needs this device must for start this motorbike. Without this device, anyone cannot start this.

Ok, the thief available one device to start this vehicle but I think the same model same time he cannot collect. So it is impossible to steal this time and the thief must fail. It works 90% to 100% safety of your motorbike.

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