How To Delete Temporary Files In Windows 10? Speed Tips

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Temporary files make your computer too slow. When we working on our computer many files saved on hard disk day by day it our computer or PC make slow to slow. When we buy a new computer you looking the computer is very fast but after 6 months or 1 year, the computer is too slow. What happens? Why its glow slow mood? How do we solve it? Why we delete the temporary files everything we know from this article. After this work you looking your computer is work fast from before. The junk files sometimes give your pc to pressure and your pc ram working slow.

How to Delete Temporary Files:

There is many way to delete temporary files. I will let you know one by one below.

First Way

To Delete temporary files in this way, first open this computer or my computer

  • Open This computer
  • From here open C drive
  • Windows folder
  • Open Software Distribution folder
  • From here open the download folder
  • Here looking at many temporary files select all files (shortcut key CTRL+A)
  • Delete

Second Way To Delete Temporary Files

  • Click the Windows icon and press the Run shortcut key Windows+R
  • Search bar write %temp% enter
  • Select All files ( CTRL+A)
  • Delete
  • Exit

Again we delete temporary files

  • Again Click the windows icon and press Run press the shortcut key (windows+R)
  • Search bar write temp
  • Select All files manually or press (CTRL+A)
  • Delete
  • Exit close this window

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We have now another fetch temporary files which are need to delete

  • Click the Windows icon from your menu bar open the Run window (Windows+R)
  • Write here prefetch
  • Continue
  • Select All files (CTRL+A)
  • Delete and exit window

Our Maximum work is finished now we need to all files delete from Recycle bin because all files are available now this folder

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Open your recycle bin icon folder and select all files (CTRL+A) and delete this all.

Third Way To Delete Temporary files

The way more easy to delete temp files. For delete temp files first Click computer icon

  • Open Computer icon
  • Put your mouse On C drive
  • Properties
  • Disk CleanUp
  • After few minutes or a few second open a new window
  • Tik mark all and press ok for delete

Special Way To Delete Temporary Files

If you wants automatically every day or every 15 day delete your temporary files you can set this one.

  • Open System Settings (You can see this option on the power button when you press the windows icon)
  • Click on system
  • Click on storage
  • Change free up space automatically
  • Right mark on Temporary files
  • Storage section on
  • Select any day which one you want better for you 14 days
  • Save

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