Top Cheapest Price Helicopter In The World

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Helicopter traveling is an interesting matter for everyone. The sky is very near looking many kinds of scenery it comes more romance in your life. You can look downriver, many types of tree and more interesting you looking downside people are same as small birds. But the Helicopter traveling price is very high. If you have a lot of money you can decrease few costs. The better way you can buy a personal helicopter for your personal work or traveling. USA country most of richest person available a helicopter for personal work. Today we talk about the top cheapest price helicopters in the world. Another way you can rent a helicopter for your traveling. If the helicopter size is 2 seats maybe take the cost per hour to $300. But it depends on your helicopter size and company.

10 Best and Cheapest Price Helicopter

1) Brantly B-2 ($100,000)

World’s cheapest and popular helicopter. In 1946 US army wanted a new light reconnaissance helicopter. This time one of the independent designers Brantly design this helicopter or US army. The design was too complex to be used. So, Brantly decided to create a helicopter that appeared to be a private aviation enthusiast, the result to be Brantly B-2.

Brantly first focus was on reducing the price, giving its lower specs then its competitors. He try to make more comfortable price for users. The vehicle start to production in 1958 and it has sold over 330 times plus.

The helicopter available in 2 seats, one seat uses a pilot and the other is passengers. It is one of the cheapest helicopters in the world.

2) HeliWhale Afalina ($120,000)

Afalina helicopter start his journey 2016 and first company who try to give us affordable and cheapest price helicopter. Many of says it is best and low price helicopter.

Heliwhale has decided to try to do this in 2015, they release a muck-up of the two-seat helicopters (one is the crew and the other for passengers) for under $120000. Due to the price and specs. The helicopter can fly on average of 750km and at the same time speed up 120 mph.

3) Robinson R22 ($328,200)

One of the people to hear this was Frank Robinson. He decided to design a small helicopter with a high service ceiling, with the ability to carry two people and several different cameras in different positions.

The R22 serves also R44 and R66 which are produced by Robinson’s helicopter company. R44 and R66 two separate model which can carry more people. Robinson designed the R22 is for a long-lasting and long journey but the helicopter price is comfortable for people. The copter starts to produce in 1970.

4) Guimbal Cabri G2 ($350,000)

The Guimbal Cabri G2 the world’s third-cheapest helicopter. Guimbal Cabri who was a helicopter engineer first design the model in 1980. He makes this cheapest for use in any condition. Cabri uses many types of lite material for making it more comfortable to wait for less. It can run 166 miles per hour and it can fly one time 360 kilometers.

5) Enstorm F-28F ($360,000)

The Enstrom F-28 the list of no 5 cheapest helicopters. Not only is the F-28 one of the cheapest helicopters in the world, but it is also one of the longest-produced aircraft too. In 1950 first time the vehicle design for general aviation. It is used for many years in US Army for training.


The vehicle can run 180 kilometers per hour and range 240 nautical miles. The copter has two-seat one is for crew and another for passengers. If you have a lot of money you can buy this very cheapest price from this company.

6) Enstorm TH180 ($400,000)

Enstorm helicopters are well known for producing some of the world best and cheapest helicopters, mostly for trainers or general aviation use. The Enstorm TH180 not different.

Enstrom TH180’s main features are flying and the operating cost is very low. Although it runs capacity high and it can fly a long time in the sky. Enstrom is currently flying its second (and first fully confirming) prototype. Enstrom renowned for its safety, and it expected the TH180 will build upon that and be a class leader in safety.

7) Robinson R44 ($505,900)

Robinson makes it for more passengers. It can carry 1 crew and 3 passengers. The model takes position world no 7 for its price. It can run in the sky per hour 200km and flying time also very long. Robinson R44 one time can fly in the sky 560 kilometers.

Robinson design R44 for traveling passengers who enjoy the sky and looking for interesting scenery. Many experienced people say the helicopter is very long-lasting and safe for the sky and vehicle to use.

8) Sikorsky Schweizer S333 ($698,000)

The Schweizer S330 and S333 are turbine-powered development of the Schweitzer 300 light piston-powered helicopter. The first time they start helicopter production in 2007. In February 2009, the 333 rebranded as the Sikorsky S-333. In 2018 the Schwizer R.S.G bought the Schwizer aircraft and Sikorsky aircraft and it was rebranded S333.

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Schweizer design the S333 to appeal as a general aviation helicopter for the everyday aviator, or as a trainer for flight school. The model is designed relatively first speed and a medium range.

The vehicle can run in the sky for 194 km per hour and it can fly in the sky for 591 kilometers a long time. It can carry 1 or 2 crews and 2 or three passengers.

9) Bell 206 ($900,000)

Bell 206 originally designed for the US army but US Army not interested in this design. However, several new companies Bell 206’S specs and were interested but didn’t like the body’s look. Bell soon redesigned the airframe shell to be more appealing and launched in the Bell-206.

Due to its previous military purpose, the 206 was one of the fastest helicopters of its day, as well as having one of the longest ranges. The helicopter can carry up to 4 passengers with one crew.

10) Robinson R66 ($935,900)

Everyone is well known as Robinson for producing some of the world’s cheapest helicopters. The R66 not different. Same as R22 and R44 also R66 trainer helicopter. Unlike the R22 and R44, the R66 is turbine-powered, rather than piston-powered. The R66 has a longer fuselage than the R44, allowing it to carry four passengers or 1,200 lb (540 kg) of cargo.

Robinson R66 uses a turbine engine which is more comfortable for passengers. The vehicle maximum speed of 204 kilometers per hour and it can fly 650 kilometers in the sky. Robinson R66 can carry one crew and 4 passengers.

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