Top Five Health Disadvantages of Overuse Smartphone

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In the new technology era, we are taking many advantages of smartphones. We cannot think without mobile our life. Normal mobile using is no problem but overuse of smartphones is very bad for our health. It’s can make a long time effect on our life. Sometimes we give our baby a smartphone for watching cartoons or playing games is also can destroy your baby’s future life. Some parents are very happy when their son is watching cartoons and playing baby. They are thinking his baby no disturb him. The baby is very good for him because the baby is a long time watching cartoons and playing games.

My real experience smartphone with my baby:

My baby age now 4 years. Most of the time I am working outside of the home. I am always working online on my blog. Every day after finish work I go home and my baby takes my mobile and watch live YouTube cartoon. One finish after another one watch. I am looking for a long time he watches cartoons.

I am sleeping and my son watches cartoons over midnight. When I am wakeup until he looking at cartoons? When I try to take mobile his behavior is not like a normal boy. Without mobile, his behavior is very cute. Every day my son reading writing and playing. But when he watches mobile like an abnormal boy. We now take decision totally stop give mobile. We are looking some days his every behavior is very good and my son playing normal and reading a book, writing, and every site perform is good. If you don’t want to destroy your son’s future. Please stop giving smartphones.

Top Five bed effect and disadvantages of smartphone:

  • Prolonged exposure to cell phones in front of the eyes can lead to numbness of the hands. That being said, there are two separate diseases called ‘A tex Cla’ and ‘A cell Phone Elbow’. One of them hurts the fingers while texting or playing games. On the other, holding the cellphone in front of the eyes for a long time causes numbness in the hands.
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  • Talking on the phone too much can also cause problems in the neck and back muscles. This is called text neck. If you keep your head down and your neck on the phone all the time, you can catch this disease any day.

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  • Computer vision syndrome is another problem of this excessive screen time. It causes blurred vision, dizziness, and dry ice.
  • Doctors have identified a disease called nomophobia. They call it ‘‌no-mobile-phone phobia’‌ don’t have a phone, this anxiety can leave people exhausted. Problems like anxiety can also be created for this.
  • Mobile phones emit radiofrequency energy, a sort of non-ionizing electromagnetic wave, which may be absorbed by tissues on the brink of the phone. the quantity of radiofrequency energy a mobile user is exposed to depends on many factors like the technology of the phone, the space between the phone and therefore the user, the extent and sort of mobile use, and therefore the user’s distance from telephone towers. Scientists have reported adverse health effects of using mobile phones including changes in brain activity, reaction times, and sleep patterns. By now, it’s documented that cell phones give off radiation. This radiation is claimed to affect our brain cells directly; often mutating existing cells into cancerous cells, hence, causing brain cancer. Children have the potential to be at greater risk than adults for developing brain cancer from cell phones. Their nervous systems are still developing and thus more susceptible to factors that will cause cancer.

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