Google Not Discover But Very Important For Everyone

stop watch adult video before your age 20

Google is a very important part of our life. It discovers many things for human life improvement. People want more features from google. Google already delivers many important things in our life. Google assistant very helps every user. Similarly, google voice search features are very effective for blind users and those who are not educated, person. In the same way, google future projects like google robotics, Wing, Project loon, google Genomics, Deep minds, smart lense, Internet Beaming, Project Ara, Cancer Detecting, and Calico Immortality are quite acclaimed project to people.

Some more Google apps have become a blessing for people. For example, google translates, Google drive, G board, Google Earth, Google Classroom, Google Play store, YouTube are the most popular apps for every user. Every time google tries to discover new apps and features for every people.

Your Age 5 Not allowed to watch this video

Why we need more Discover:

Some mobile features are work amazingly like Eye vision, Eye detecting system, fingerprint system, and face detecting system. One google features are good for people. When we watch Youtube movies or anything they are not asked what your age. But when you want to watch X movies this time come one message confirm your age 18+. The features are very good but there are other weaknesses available.

Suppose you are above 18+ years of age. You sometimes looking Xmovies you have two or 3 suns. When they take you mobile for watch cartoon, playing a game or other reason. For watching cartoons here he looking for many Xmovies scenes then what happens. A lot of times the house guest comes again and sees my mobile and can read in such a situation. If not come to an adult video is good for everyone but when shows an adult video is a very bad situation for us. The idea will be different in his mind. At least his ideas about me would change. The person may be my children, maybe my student, or any other person. May I went an unwanted situation. Which are very bad for me. If the personage is 18+. If he is not over 18 years of age. It is very difficult to count age.


Google currently determines the age of 18 plus from his gmail. When you make any gmail account this time you may put here you birth date. Google catch from here your age is 18+ and other. But it is not perfect way because my mobile is login my email address here shows my age is 35. So no problem for me to watch any adult video. But when my mobile looking my here he watch regularly adult video is it very bed for his life. May be distroy his education life and regularly watch this type video. This type addiction is very bed for a student.

How to Solve google This Provlem:

YouTube and other social media can solve this problem. How? any video shown before confirm the gentle man and women age is 18+. How to possible? If you tube and other social discover different features. The feature should have the ability to understand the age by looking at the face. The features are working for face detecting. The features automatic confirm the people age. It adult content show only for 18 plus people. Other people cannot watch this type video.

Face to Age detection

The features very important for New Generation:

Porn addiction destroys our new generation. I have seen many of my friends become like this. It is nothing less than drug addiction. As a result of this addiction, many drops out of school and many fail exams. They become accustomed to seeing them stealing and hiding in 24 hours. They can no longer concentrate on their studies. Its deadly effects on society later. So we need immediate to discover face to age detecting system. It need to include with every video watching site, Youtube, facebook video, and other social media video sharing site.

Internet very important for us. We can learn from youtube many educational videos. On but another side the video-sharing site available for a lot of adult content. Which are destroy our new generation innovation mind and also destroy their golden future. Face to age detection is discovered much time before but it does not include with big social media video sharing site youtube. It needs to immediately include with this site.

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