Future Network Technology “Lifi” Know How Much Speed

LiFi Network Technology

In the current internet system, 60% of the information is exchanged through Wi-Fi technology. But due to the complexities of the WiFi system and poor security, this technology has some limitations. LiFi technology has been invented to find effective solutions to all these problems. LiFi is very safe for providing internet services, readily available, and affordable. Currently, popular WiFi technology uses radio frequencies to exchange information. On the other hand LiFi technology is based on light waves. The light spectrum or wave can travel 10,000 times faster than the radiofrequency. This means that the light can transmit much more information in a very short time than the radio web. Using this concept of light, the system of exchanging on the internet is called LiFi. Edinboro University professor Dr. herald Hass first time in 2011 invented this technology. In 2012, Professor Hess formed a company called Purelifi with Dr. Mustafa Upgan to create practical equipment. It is the first technology-based company in the world.

How to Provide Internet Services The System?

In the next few years, the light in our house will not only give light, but it also provides internet service. Many people may think that if we turn off the lights, then the internet will go away. In fact, this is not the case. The light intensity can be reduced so much as necessary that you will not see any light with the naked eye but the internet service is on. Researchers have been able to exchange 10 gigabytes of data per second using LiFi.

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Estonia one office use this technology commercially and the are count speed per second 1 gigabyte which is 100 times more than Wifi. This is not the end, researchers at the University of Oxford have used 224 gigabits per second to access the Internet with the help of LED bulbs. Like this high-speed internet you can download 1.5 gigabytes 18 movies take time only 1 second.

Why Lifi Is Best?

The new network technology is not a luxury for us, it is a very important solution. The current overuse of radio frequencies has created a problem for wireless wave systems. Called “Spectrum Crunch” which will make the WiFi system inoperable in the future. Since LiFi does not use radio waves, there will be no such problem. Rather, LiFi will have 1000 times more waves than the radio web. So in the future, all types of high-speed Internet, including 5G, LiFI will be used.

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The Benefits of Using LiFi

  1. Can be protected from the harmful radiation of radiofrequency.
  2. This network cannot be hacked easily, therefore, the network will be extremely secure in various important communications, including the military.
  3. According to experts, the waves created by the use of SiFi increase the risk of sperm death in our human body, As a result, people are getting infertility day by day. In this case, LiFi can be a wonderful choice.

If the LiFi system becomes available, a revolutionary change will come in the internet system. We hope the network is very quickly come our system and it can use every type of people easily and safely.

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