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We looking from some days increasing users of the Turkish app Bip. Why do users leave from Whats app apps, why are looking they for alternatives? Most of the common answers they do not believe whats-app. I wondered why 2000 million users were suddenly leaving it. I started searching on Google. The first thing that caught my eye was a tweet from Elon Musk, the world’s richest man. In early January, WhatsApp announced that some of their user information would now be shared with Facebook. A new suspicion was born in the minds of the people. People started to move away from the apps that people have been believing in for so long. Many people are forced to delete private messages if they are spread through social media. Looking for alternatives to the app. Meanwhile, the Turkish president announced that they would investigate everything and ordered the creation of alternative apps. The country’s president advised them to use their own apps. The country’s president also announced that the app uses encrypted technology so that no one but the user can read these messages.

However, Whats App said it would not share data from Europe with Facebook. But who cares who heard this news, they got worried and started using and deleting the app. On the other hand, the use of apps like beep, telegram and signal started increasing day by day.

Whatsapp Policy:

At the root of so much popularity is the user priority of the app. Because they said in their user policy from the beginning that they can’t read any user’s information if they want to and it is user-to-user encryption. The user’s personal information is completely secure. This means that they use encrypted technology that no one but the user can read. It is not possible to hack it, as a result of using encrypted technology. This was their motto and because of this people used the app more and more. But in their new policy, they will share some information with Facebook, the largest social media platform. Whoever wants will use the app according to the new policy and will not use it if the mind does not want to. As a result, people started abandoning the app and started looking for new apps.

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What Facebook wants to say is that by chatting or making a video call or audio call you are asking someone you know where to buy a car? The app catch will automatically share your information to Facebook and Facebook will show you related ads. They will share this information to increase the income from their affiliate. Again, after seeing the response of the users, they are saying that they will not share any information about the users in Europe. In that case, it is desirable to make people in other regions angry. Because they are adopting the giant policy. It is not the desire of ordinary people.



When the head of government of a country says that the Bip app is completely safe and there is no fear of information being smuggled, then everyone will definitely believe this and will be inspired to use the app, this is the reality. That’s why the number of beep apps downloaded so far stands at over 50 million. The app has already been able to gain people’s trust. Users of the app have given more than 1 million reviews. The scope of the app’s expansion service is growing very fast. Besides, there is no one who does not believe in Sultan Erdogan, the most popular leader in the Muslim world. Everyone doesn’t like to share personal information with others. This app has all the features of WhatsApp like chat, voice chat, audio call, and video call.


Another WhatsApp alternative apps which reach download 500M plus. Most people delete WhatsApp messengers and download more believable apps like Telegram. The apps make two brilliant Russian programmers and its headquarter in London. You take from all types of advantages from Telegram like WhatsApp. Telegram also uses encrypted types of code which are safer. Other people cannot hack and see the like two people conversion.


Recently when comes news about apps change their user policy and they are share information with Facebook. It was shocking news for Whats App users. Most of the users remove this popular app and they are looking for former native apps. The signal is the most alternative and it is also safe for users. They do not share any data and important conversations with other people. The apps already download from the store 50M plus. 805K. Day by day it is comes more popular. Read more about the signal on Wikipedia.

Bip has recently released apps and dreamily is popular on people. Telegram and Signal is also popular we are looking which are more increasing in market popularity. We hope Whats-app also take action for again download people their and believe it.

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