Why Infertility is increasing day by day among people


Despite the fact that people in the modern age are so much aware and rely so much on technology, they are still unable to solve a problem. We are now exploring the moon and NASA will send people to live on Mars by 2030. Despite the advances in technology, we cannot afford to have one child for a childless couple. It was never considered a problem before. Because such patients rarely got Dr. Ra. Now there are thousands of such patients who are leaving nothing out, from doctors to specialist doctors for a single child. You can’t solve any problem by spending a lot of money. Doctors at the Gynecology Department are taking advantage of this opportunity to earn millions of dollars. Although the problem originated in developed countries long ago, it is now prevalent among people in the Third World. I will face this problem myself and talk about some solutions from my real life. If God is the owner of the child. We can only follow certain rules. Read the full article, we are discussing here some important facts about infertility maybe you will find the solution to the problem.

First I will talk about obesity. Because that’s what causes us the biggest problems. You may find yourself feeling that when our belly fat increases too much, we sleep less and we become much lazier. We don’t want to do hard work. I just eat and watch TV or mobile while lying down. This completely reduces the metabolism of our body. Immunity is absolutely reduced. Our ability to mate is greatly reduced. At the same time, our semen becomes weaker. It is almost impossible to have a child if the number of sperm is reduced and strong sperm is not produced. For this doctors prescribe various drugs which often show side effects. The stronger we become economically, the more we become averse to work. We are busy relaxing. As a result, our ability to have sexual intercourse is decreasing. And it can be said that our ability to produce children is decreasing.

It is known from various media that the mobile we are using is constantly harming us. How? For example, if you have a mobile phone in your pocket, the mobile network and all the devices that we use to increase connectivity are also the main obstacles in our sperm production. Due to which we are becoming infertile day by day. So what do we do now? Those who are completely away from technology need to know what they are up to. We are not always reading about internet social media all the time but we are talking about those who are completely out of technology and use feature phones to maintain communication in any way. As far as I know, they are more capable of producing more children. I have an uncle who is not even close to the edge of technology. As far as I know, Oni has been married at least 5 times. Each wife has at least 5 children. Infertility is a big problem in a couple when cannot make baby.

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I say from my own experience when I get married after a few months my wife began pragnent. But one day while going to college for exams, he started bleeding due to the shaking of the car, and later the doctor said that he had suffered a lot of damage. That child died. I was an expatriate so I could not come on vacation before every 2 years. Every time I came to the country, I did what Dr. said in one word, but I could not see the child’s face. After giving all the money I earned in two years to the doctor, he was no longer able to have children. One thing I noticed was that whenever I went to the doctor, the doctor would blame his obesity and take different types of treatment. Excess fat in the abdomen and fat in the uterus. I could not understand what to do. If I told him to exercise, he would tell me what to do. Although she has reduced her uterine fat, the doctor has performed DMC on her uterus 4 times. Meanwhile, 10 years have passed since our marriage. We have no children I took him to my workplace as a last resort and I did not see any doctor. I used to walk with her for 2 hours in the morning and afternoon just to burn her body fat. And I used to ask Allah. I perform Umrah Hajj in Makkah twice. Eventually, we succeed and God gives us a holy child.


Now if you go to the witch doctor, you will understand how many patients there are now. Those who do not understand this problem any day. Many doctors get serial numbers and you have to stand for hours. In a word, innumerable patients are currently suffering from this disease. You are willing to give up everything in life for a child. In my case, I have used medicine that has reduced my obesity a lot. It is an American medicine that greatly enhances your mating ability. Again, it works much better if you can use fat reduction drugs. The doctor gave my life partner a lot of medicine just to lose fat but the medicine I used was the best. If you walk with me for 1 hour in the morning and afternoon, you will get the most benefits. I will give the link to the medicines below. I know the medicines well online and then order. Although I was not a believer in taking medicine. Along with that, I used to eat other herbal ingredient like garlic and honey every morning on an empty stomach. Soon I was benefiting from it. Medicines help to last longer and garlic and honey increase your sperm count. The company’s pharmaceuticals don’t just sell these but also many other health-related products that you will love.

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Much has been added to modern medicine to make childless couples more likely to have children. For example, semen is injected into the uterus and produced from it. Again many doctors have advised me to take a test tube baby. But we did not like any of these. So we did the treatment but never resorted to these methods. In fact, money is like poison when there is no one in your house. Only those who have no children will understand how difficult it is not to have children. Write a comment about infertility and make more awareness case study infertility.


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