Tonima Tasnim Ananna SN top 10 Scientist List-2021

End of the year the popular bi-weekly magazine Science news published their 2020 edition of SN’s top 10 scientists for this year. For the six consecutive years, Science news featured 10 early and mid-career scientists who are aiming to solve some of science’s biggest challenges. Tonima has drawn the most complete picture yet of black holes across the universe says science news. Bangladeshi astrophysicist tonima tasnim ananna topped the list this year for her outstanding work and research on black holes. With the help of artificial intellegence, Anannna has successfully captured the most complete picture yet of black holes across the universe-where they are how the grow, and how they affect their environment. We are talking about Tonima tasnim of the top scientist year 2020.

History: Tonima Tasnim completed their Ph.D. from Yale University in 2019. Her goal was to create a model of how to black hole grow and change across cosmic history. He makes the research more extensive and detailed, he develops a neural network. a type of artificial intelligence, to find a description of the black hole population that explained what all the observatories saw.

Tonima believed a black hole is a key understanding of how cosmic structures, everything from galaxy dusters down to planets and perhaps even life, came to be. Tonima describe his model black holes at different cosmic distance, how to black hole grow and change over time and might help in figuring out what black holes eat.

Tonima worked as an Intern at NASA and CERN, traveled to the European particle physics laboratory near Geneva, and spent a year at the University of Cambridge. She attended Bryan Mawr College in Pennsylvania for her undergraduate studies and he is currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Dartmouth College.

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Inspired: Ananna inspired by her mother, who first told him about the pathfinder spacecraft landing on Mars. When Ananna was just 5 years old a child, he developed a passion for astronomy from an early age.


Anannna co-founded Wi-Steam, a mentorship network for girls and young women when are interested in science. Ananna and four other Bangladeshi scientists who are studied in the United States, Currently mentor a group of 20 female high school and college students in Bangladesh helping them find paths to pursue science.

Ananna Says:

The world’s youngest scientist says that many people have already done research on black holes. But no one has been able to come up with a complete mystery Veda and a perfect model. Tasnima said how did our universe come to this stage? Outside of Earth, black holes and galaxies co-exist together. How many black holes are there? How are they? He uses four telescopes to collect all the data. There were many models before but no one has been able to make a complete model that can describe all the models. Google Facebook had many models long ago but no one could completely. He is the first Bangladeshi scientist to complete it.

He received this encouragement from his mother as a child. If he saw an article on science in the newspaper, he would discuss it with his daughter and encourage her. He used to teach girls with deep interest in how to fly a plane. The world is so small and there are so many worlds outside of it that would make the girl interested in it. Mother’s small knowledge has helped her reach the pinnacle of success today. These small enthusiasms of the mother has reached the list of the top 10 scientists.


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