Top 21 fastest Growing Jobs in 2021 & they how much pay

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The Coronavirus pandemic changes the way everyone lived and work in 2020. People finding more safe work to make more safe life. Everyone tries to make the social distance but sometimes it’s not possible for a profession. World a big quantity people lost their jobs and they are searching for new safe jobs with social distance. The job seekers saw skyrocketing demand to meet new and urgent needs brought on by covid-19. We are talking here about the top 21 fastest-growing jobs in 2021 and how much pay.

The Salary comparison site Payscale recently analyze crowd-sourced data from 4.33 million people to find the jobs that saw the highest share of growth in 2020-2021 fast compared with the year prior. The payscale analyzes the top categories of jobs that are the most dependable and most growing.

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The rankings include a number of rules that filled unprecedented health care, transportation, tech and essential service need during the illness and social distancing.

The fastest growing jobs in 2020 end of the year was health screeners, a group of workers that grew 136% compared with 2019, as a state and social governments, healthcare facilities, and place of business implemented new measures to health protect against the spread of the virus.

The share of personal shoppers this year grew and jump 125% as many people employed the services of gig workers and independent contractors to deliver groceries, restaurant orders, and other essential services during the month stay of home advisors and additional social distancing practices.

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Recreational vehicle or RV services was the third fastest-growing job of the year and pandemic time. The outlet points to a shift in consumer behavior that saw people move away from regular travel plan and towards social distancing friendly alternatives such as trailers and RV rentals to take road trips to less crowded areas. For this reason, the year saw a greater need for a service technician to maintain and repair this vehicle. Also, it was difficult because always you cannot find a technician.

Healthcare providers maintain all of their roles, from nurses to emergency medical services directors to home care workers all saw greeter need this year as hospital and care facilities and saw devastating surgest of covid-19 across the country.



The coronavirus changes our normal life. Pay-scale CEO Scott terry tells CNBC to make it that many professionals such as educators, healthcare workers are reporting higher levels of stress during the pandemic time. Some have rated their jobs and satisfaction higher than previously. It is so risky to back go back to normal life the same as before. After discovering the vaccine may be possible. The vaccine also not possible to supply the world all people it takes more time for all people vaccination.

fastest growing jobsPendamic safety

It is very important to look at the USA job market. They are overall a long stretch of recovery ahead. The job market 22 million people lost their job first few weak of the pandemic in spring 2020 by December. It recovers how much take time anyone doesn’t know but they are trying to quickly vaccination all people.

1.Health Screened


Median pay: $28400 per year

2.Personal Shopper


Median pay: $25000 per year

3.RV service technician


Median pay: $42,400 per year

4.No-destructive testing technicean


Median pay: $55000 per year

5. Area operation Manager


Median pay: $70,900 per year

6. Molecular biologist


Median pay: $57,800 per year



Median pay: $73,400 per year

8.Food safety specialist


Median pay: $52,900 per year

9.Cloud solution Architect


Median pay: $137000 per year

10.(tie). Logistics program manager


Median pay: $96200per year

11.(tie). Lead sales assoclate


Median pay: $20,800 per year

12. Charge nurse


Median pay: $72500 per year

13.Maternity nurse


Median pay: $69,600 per year

14.(tie) Emergency medical services director


Median pay: $87,400 per year

15. (tie) Laboratory assistant


Median pay: $34,300 per year

16.Psychiatric nurse


Median pay: $68200 per year

17.Home care worker


Median pay: $25,300 per year

18.Nurse coordinator


Median pay: $74,100 per year

19. Lead UX designer


Median pay: $118,000 per year

20. Commercial sales manager


Median pay: $42,400 per year

21. Mechanical Engineering


Median pay: $85,800 per year

Reason Covid-19 all are try to stay at home and if possible does not go outside your home.

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