Bitcoin Price Jump to Record $29,024 New Heights-2020

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Bitcoin on Thursday’s last day of the year 2020 jump to a price record of $29024 after the digital currency almost quadrupled in value this year might heighten interest from bigger investors. It is day by day popular in new investors that the reason the digital currency price increase dreamily. The world’s most popular cryptocurrency was last up 2.4 percent at $290024 dollar last day of the year. It is hitz price up to and records to the cryptocurrency market.

The world’s hottest cryptocurrency was last up 2.3 percent at $28,012 (roughly Rs. 20.5 lakhs). it’s surged by nearly half since breaking $20,000 for the primary time on December 16.

Bitcoin has increasingly seen demand from larger US investors especially, attracted by its perceived inflation-hedging qualities and potential for quick gains, also as expectations it might become a mainstream payment method.

Investors said limited supply of bitcoin, produced by so-called “mining” computers that validate blocks of transactions by competing to unravel mathematical puzzles, has helped power upward moves over recent days.

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The latest gains took bitcoin’s market capitalization past $518 billion (roughly Rs. 37,93,300 crores), according to industry website CoinMarketCap.

Other major cryptocurrencies, which tend to move in tandem with bitcoin, were flat. Ethereum, the second-biggest, was down 0.4 percent, on track for a 2020 gain of around 465 percent.

The Time is Bitcoin investment

For several days now, I have noticed that the market value of Bitcoin has been increasing exponentially. At the beginning of 2020, when I was thinking, I invested some money. But the lockdown did not happen for various reasons. At that time, the price of each bitcoin was only $8000 US dollars. How do I know it will increase to three times today.

I explored various mediums to find out why people are now investing in bitcoins. One thing I learned clearly is that people can no longer trust gold or the American dollar. That means I don’t have the courage to invest in them. On the other hand, the picture of cryptocurrency or bitcoin is completely different. It does not drop too much, so the fear of losing capital is much less. Think about it, those who invested in this sector at the beginning of the year have tripled their profits today.

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Many big investors are now investing in this sector. Which is one of the main reasons for the increase in prices. American investors who used to prefer only dollars are now leaning towards Bitcoin.

Another special reason I found Bitcoin security. Bitcoin buying and selling offer so much security that no other system has. Bitcoin’s security system is so strong that it is impossible for a hacker to hack it.

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