First Time Made In Bangladesh Cars “The New SAGA”

The new SAGA made in Bangladesh

PHP group first time Launch Made in Bangladesh Car name “The new SAGA 2021” the best experience for Bangladesh people. The company also launched two new models of motorcycles name “Thunder Birds” and “Commando” For the festival. It started with the journey of the automobile industry of Bangladesh. PHP Group established the attachment factory at the beginning in Chittagong. Gently they started to make different parts of the vehicle in their own factory. Through this, the vehicle production industry started in Bangladesh.

PHP’s locally assembled “Proton SAGA” drew attention from visitors and potential buyers. The Sedan sold for less than Tk 15 lakh. PHP gives you a 30% discount on their preview 15/16 model. The price of the car is Tk 24.5 lakh, with a 36-month installment payment without interest facility.

PHP’s new model car name “The new SAGA 2021” is more powerful and includes more features and its design more attractive. The car use world all new and latest technology. Its price also low and competitive.

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PHP Car Assembling Plant In Chittagong

In 2015 the first time announce the PHP group take to decide to make a new factory for a four-door car assembling and manufacturing plant. After a few months, they are completing their car assembling plant and start assembling and working with Malaysian car and automobile company sedan. The sedan

is a big Malaysian automobile company and they make various types of vehicles in their industry. They have a big experience in the automobile industry. They are helping to make the car industry in Bangladesh to PHP group. The new SAGA is first producing and design in Bangladesh and most of the parts manufacturing locally.

The New SAGA Features

The New SAGA includes many new and latest features. The Engine capability is 1500CC, 1.3L VVT Engine, green bumper interior design, and any types of new features. So anyone can compare with other models and The New SAGA Model. Before no company could start car production in the last 50 years. I learned from the motor fest that a local company is assembling and selling new cars. This is undoubtedly a good initiative said “Mustakin”

Most of the privately-owned cars in our country are bought second hand, Repair parts are easily available and less costly, so people want to buy those. However, new cars last longers then the olds one. There is no alternative to motor festival when it come to educating the buyers about this.

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