Asian 10 Richest person by their net worth-2021

Asian top 10 Rich person

According to the world’s most depending site Forbes report Billionaire index, Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani reclaimed the position of the richest man in Asia. We also see this list come next name is 2nd higher Richman in Ais Jack Ma. We are also looking according to this list Ma Hauteng is 3rd, Lee Shau Kee is 4th, Hui Ka Yan, Lee ka -Shing is 5th, He Xiangjian is 6th, Yang Huiyan is 7th, Tadashi Yanai is 8th, Qin Yinglin is 9th, Takemitsu Takizaki is 10th position. Mukesh Ambani is one people who take to space top ten and the number one richest person. The one most important and interesting thing we catch, top ten lists 6 richest people are from China. Today we talk about the Asian 10 richest people by their net worth.

1. Mukesh Ambani ($74.1 B)

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Mukesh Ambani Picture by Pixabay

Mukesh Ambani, the head of Reliance Group. India’s most successful business personality, is at the top of the Forbes list this time around, as he did last time. This year his total worth was 71.1 Billion and his total earning come from reliance industries. In the last year, 2019 his worth was $50 billion, and this year he comes a new change 74.1 Billion. Last few years he has been at top of the list of Aisa’s richest people. Mukesh Ambani is the head of Reliance Group & industries in India. His notable businesses include Telecom, Power, Entertainment, and Financial Services.

2. Jack Ma ($63B)

Jack ma

At the top of the list, 2nd name is the e-commerce site owner, Alibaba founder Jack Ma. Last year, the name was at number three, but this time the name has moved to second place, owning 63 billion assets. A few years ago, no one knew Jack’s ma. Every chapter of Jack Ma’s life was full of failures. Then he moved to the United States, where he worked on web development. After he came to the country and opened a company to provide web-based services. There he achieved great success and then set up the e-commerce site Alibaba. After the establishment, he became the Top Up the Hero. Then he did not have to look back. As time went on, his company grew and his name moved up to 2nd place in the 2020 Forbes list.

3. Ma Huateng ($59.9B)

Ma Huateng

Ma Huateng most of the person known as Pony Ma. He is a Chinese business magnate, investor, Philanthropist. World most of the people known as PUBG mobile game. Ma Huateng company Tencent make this popular game. PUBG now the world most playing and most earning games. Tencent is growing quickly and make more revenue.

Ma Huateng was burned on October 29, 1971, in China. He is the Chines richest man, surprising Jack ma net worth of $59.9 billion according to a Forbes report. Ma Huateng, the co-founder and CEO of Chinese internet goliath Tencent. The company makes many types of game.

4. Lee Shau-kee ($28.1 Billion)

Lee shau-kee
Lee Shau-kee

Lee Shau-kee was burned on 7 March 1928 in Shunde, Guangdong, China. He is a Hong Kong Business magnet. investor and philanthropist. His personal worth estimated at $28.1 Billion and he is the 2nd wealthiest man in hong kong. Lee Shau-kee is 26 richest man in the world according to the Forbes report and he takes 4th space in Asia’s richest list.

Lee Shau-kee is best known as real state developer Henderson Land, which has high profile projects in Hong Kong and China. Lee Shau-kee is a Hong kong citizenship and his main organization is Henderson Land Development.


5. Hui Ka Yan ($42.5Billion)

Hui Ka Yan is Chairman of Hong Kong-listed Ever grande group, one of China’s biggest real estate developers. Ever grande, which Hui took public in 2009, has over 800 projects in more than 280 cities. Hui worked as a technician in a steel factory for 10 years after graduating from college in 1982.

Hui Ka Yan’s totals worth according to Forbes 2020 report $42.5 Billion. His main business is a real estate and his company Ever grande group is a top growing company in China and Hong Kong.

6. He Xiangjian ($36.9B)

He Xiangjian

He Xiangjian is China’s richest, yet most low-key billionaires. He is worth estimated by Forbes $36.9 billion and the sixth richest person in Asia, according to the Forbes list. Which ranks him 36 richest people in the world. He built Media from scratch in 1968, when he was 26 years old.

He Xiangjian is the co-founder of Media group, One of the largest Chinese appliance and airconditioners makers. He is of Chinese citizenship. It also owns one of the largest robotics company in the world, the German company Koka.

7. Yang Huiyan ($28.9B)

Yang Huiyan

She is the richest woman in Asia and he was burned in China. Her father Yang Guoqiang start the real estate company in a country garden in 1997 and transferred 70% of country garden’s shares before its IPO in 2007. Country Garden’s initial offering raised about $1.6 billion. He only women in Asia who become first-time Asian and Chinese Billionaire.

36-year-old Yang Huiyan majority percent of Shareholders of Guangdong-based real estate developer Country Garden Holding Ltd. When coming to Huiyan in business they are more increasing their business and now Asian big billionaire and developer.

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8. Tadashi Yanai ($31.6B)

Tadashi Yanai

Tadashi Yanai who owns a 44% stake in Fast Retailing, is now worth $31.6 billion, $2.8 billion more than just a weak ago. Yanai now the 27th richest person in the world and last year his place was 41st place on the Forbes billionaire list published in March. Tadashi Yanai the business magnate is the most successful businessman in Japan.

The founder and president of fast retailing, now the world’s fourth-largest apparel company, with over 2000 retail stores, and a portfolio of brands, including Uniqlo, Helmut Lang, Theory, Comptoir des Cotonniars, Prince’s tam, J Brand, and g.u. Uniqlo alone aims to increase sales to $50 billion by 2020, based largely on expansion in the US, China online.

In 1984 Yanai become president of his father’s clothing chain and opened a new store in Hiroshima called the unique clothing warehouse, Later shortened to Uniqlo. By 1998, there were more than 300 Uniqlo stores across Japan.

9. Qin Yinglin ($23.7B)

Qin Yinglin, Chairman of China’s Muyuan Foodstuff, made his furtune as the country’s largest pig breeder in the world biggest porket. Qin was burn in Neixiang county in Henan, China’s most popular Province.

He studies animal husbandry and started his own business with his wife Qian Ying who sites on the board of Muyuan. The due with a venture with pigs in 1992 and today Qing Ying ling family have a net worth reach $23.7B.

10. Takemitsu Takizaki ($17.4B)

Takemitsu Takizaki

Takemitsu Takizaki is a Japanese businessman, Chairman of the founder of Keyence- a direct sales organization which is into manufacturing automation sensors, vision systems, barcode readers, laser maker, measuring instruments, digital microscope, with a net worth $17.4 billion which reach now after 2020 according to Forbes report $30.9 billion.

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