Padma Bridge Will Change The Destiny Of Bangladesh

Padma Bridge is the name of a dream cherished by millions of people in Bangladesh. With which is the faith and trust of the people of this country. Padma Multipurpose Bridge A road and rail bridge under construction on the Padma River in Bangladesh. Through this, Shariatpur and Madaripur districts will be connected with Munshiganj’s Lohajang, thus connecting it with the south-western part of the country. For a developing country like Bangladesh, the Padma Bridge is going to be the biggest challenging construction project in its history. The reason why the bridge is called versatile is that it connects people on the other side through roads, railways, and gas pipelines. The two-tiered steel and concrete truss bridge will have a four-lane road at the top and a single rail at the bottom. It is being constructed in the Meghna Basin through 41 spans of 150 m length with a total length of 6.15 km and a width of 18.10 m. Although the government plans to complete the bridge by 2020, China Major Bridge Engineering Company, the builder of the bridge, is expected to complete the work by April 2022.

History of Padma Bridge

The bridge was initially supposed to be financed by the World Bank, but the World Bank withdrew its commitment after some people complained of corruption. In 2016-2017, other affiliated lenders withdrew from their commitments. As a result, there was uncertainty in the construction of the bridge. The Canadian court later dismissed the allegations, citing lack of evidence. The bridge is currently being funded by the country’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to start work on the project to save the hopes of millions of people in Bangladesh. Earlier, on August 28, 2007, the caretaker government took the initiative to build the bridge. At that time the much talked about Padma bridge project worth 10 thousand 161 crore was passed. It was supposed to start in 2011 and end in 2013. Later another government came and connected the railway bridge with the project and its cost was estimated at Tk 20,507 crore. Later, its expenditure was further increased to Tk 28,713 crore. The project will cover three districts and the total amount of land acquired for it was 918 hectares. When an international tender was called for the implementation of the project, China Major Bridge Company got the job as the lowest bidder.

An international expert panel was formed to implement the project. The design of the bridge was formulated with Professor Jamilur Reza Chowdhury as the chairman of an 11-member expert panel. All work on project implementation is supervised by a panel of experts and expert advice from development partners.

Padma Bridge is Divided 4 parts of Work

Padma Bridge is one of the biggest projects in Bangladesh. Its work is no less, so the work on the Padma Bridge has been divided into four parts – the main bridge, river governance, Jajira approach road, and the construction of the toll plaza. So its works are divided into different establishments. The project implementation committee and their team are overseeing their work.



Piling the Padma Bridge was not an easy task like all other bridges. Because the engineers and experts building the bridge have to get up to speed to find the soil at the bottom of the Padma river. Normal soil could not be found at the bottom. Problems arose after the piling work of the bridge started. Engineers try to build new soil by artificially changing the soil at the bottom of the river. Padma Bridge is built in this method called screen grouting. Bangladesh is the first in the world to use such a method. In this process, the strength of the soil is increased by dropping chemicals through holes in the pipes from above. Then the pillars were given to the ground. The technology used in the Padma Bridge is rare in the world. In this method, small steel pipes are welded with piles. A type of chemical is sent through the pipe to the soil at the bottom of the river. Under the influence of chemicals, the soil at the bottom becomes hard. At one point the soil became able to carry the load of the pile. This was the most challenging task for the Padma Bridge. Then there is no obstacle to place the pillars on the ground.

Economy Importance

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge will open the economic doors of the country. It will create a direct connection of the south-western part with the center of the country through a specific route through Mawa Jazira Point. It will significantly contribute to the social, economic, and industrial development of the relatively underdeveloped region. The project will directly benefit more than 3 crore people in 29% of the total area of ​​about 44,000 sq km or 17,000 sq miles of Bangladesh. This project is being considered as a very important infrastructure for the country’s transport network and regional economic development. The bridge will have future gas, rail, power lines, and fiber optic cable expansion. If the bridge is built, the country’s GDP will increase by 1.2 percent.

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The entire design of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge was formed by a team of international and national consultants under the supervision of the committee. It does the design work very efficiently.

Cost Of Padma Bridge

The cost of building the Padma Bridge is Tk 30,193.39 crore. These include the construction of bridge infrastructure, river governance, connecting roads, land acquisition, rehabilitation and environment, salary allowance, etc. According to the agreement of the bridge department with the finance department of Bangladesh, the government has given a loan of Tk 29,813 crore for the construction of the bridge.

Some Important Note Padma Bridge

  • Length: 6241 m
  • Width: 18.18 m
  • Cost: BDT Tk 301.9 Billion
  • Total Span: 42
  • Span Length: 122-130 m
  • Construction Start Date: 7 December 2014

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