10 Secret iPhone Tricks That Make Your Life Easier

iPhone secret tips

Here are we show some hidden tricks which are every iPhone user’s Should be don’t know. If you new and old users must know hidden tricks iPhone. Because it helps you make advanced level iPhone users. Many iPhone users may not know how to capture images without touching the phone. Many people may not know how many apps are open on your phone which is draining your battery life very fast. Thus there are hundreds of other hidden programs that neither you nor most users know. Here 10 secret iPhone tricks that make your life easier.

1. Take A Photo Without Touching Your Phone

Even if you are a new or old iPhone user, this work of the phone will give you great pleasure. Maybe you can tell your friends jokingly that you can take pictures without touching your mobile phone. Isn’t that a lot of fun? A person who is very mature in using iPhone has hacked these tips. This can be done using the iPhone’s volume button. Now suppose you are two feet away from the phone, do exactly the same thing using the volume button on the headphones. Then the work is done without touching your mobile.

This is a great secret tricks for Apple’s integrated fast-access spotlight for basic data and services, for instant access to the latest breaking news, sports scores, and social updates. You may or may not know how much work is going on in the background of your phone. This drains your battery very quickly. To stop it-

  • Go To your phone Settings
  • General
  • Spotlight Search and limit what’s pulling in data behind your back

3. Charge Your Phone Faster With a Single Button Press.

If you Tired to wait for a recharged phone? These secrets tricks help you to quickly charge your phone. It’s very simple just go Airplane mode. By knocking out all of your phone’s Wi-Fi-searching, data-draining communication skills, it takes the strain off your battery while it’s being powered up. Not hugely, true — but if you’re pressed for time and searching to eke out equally of juice, that extra 4% you’ll add in half-hour connected to the mains could make all the difference.

4. Discover Exactly what your phone knows About you.

Sad to say, your iPhone is collecting and gathering your data all the time. Which apps do you access the most? Everything where you go. It even collects all the information about where you are at the moment or where you were last week. If your iPhone is old then a few years of data is stored in the background of this phone. To see what we mean, you can watch below secret tricks

  • Settings
  • Privacy
  • Location & services
  • System services
  • Frequent Location

Here you can seen how much long time spent, where is place and how you spent time every things.

5. Lock Your Camera focal Point.

We all know that tapping the screen while taking pictures will fix the point of the camera, right? Good. Although annoying, whenever you move the camera

after picking a focal point, it disappears. All right, no more. Instead of simply tapping the screen, press the ‘AF Locked’ box for one or two until it pops up. Now you can wrap the thing around without losing focus.

6. Share Your family tree with Siri.

Siri is a built-in “intelligent assistant” that enable users of iOS devices to speak voice commands in order to operate the mobile and apps. Users can Speak commands, and receive audible confirmation, to send a message, receive a call, place calls, set reminders, operate iTunes, and more. You can think that is your main personal assistant Siri. You teach first Siri after you command do everything, Siri. It’s an interesting assistant for you.

7. Shave seconds off of your searches

Finding the latest league positions or proving something, giving you an idea of ​​where to go on the internet with speed and accuracy of proof, will give you an easy way to figure out many complex web addresses. He will inform all present or absent at that time. So save time by holding down the time icon to type an address to bring up a short-cut series of URL suffixes. Then you can easily go to your destination with the help of this feature of iPhone.

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8. Receive Notification via Camera flash.

Sometimes we get annoyed by words. Suppose you are in a meeting with your boss then a message or call notification comes and we get very upset. Suppose again that you have just fallen into a deep sleep, then you get annoyed even if a call comes or a message comes. The iPhone has come up with an excellent feature to solve this problem. The flash light next to your phone’s camera can be used as a notification signal.

  • Go to your iPhone Settings
  • Accessibility
  • Audio/Visual
  • LED flash for Alerts
  • On

9. Hide your Private Photo without any apps

The iPhone has a great secret trick to hide your very useful and personal photos that may be in danger if someone else sees them, which many may not know. You do not need to download any apps to do this. Then learn how to do it from the following steps.

  • Go to your phone gallery
  • Select Image which you wants to hide
  • Click for the option share button
  • You will see here hide option
  • Then tape hide
watch video

10. Use the Keyboard as a trackpad

Did you recognize that the iPhone keyboard can double as a trackpad? These secret tricks allow you to maneuver the cursor more accurately without having to tap on the screen and jump into the text bits. To use it, you’ll need an iPhone with 3D Touch capabilities (iPhone 6S or newer) and this system works on any iPad also.

On the iPhone, press and hold anywhere on the keyboard to activate the trackpad. Once the keyboard is empty you’ll enter the business. Then, drag your finger around to maneuver the cursor through the text. On the iPad, drag two fingers to either side of the keyboard to activate trackpad mode.

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