10 Easy Tips To Secure Your Alexa Device

Secure Alexa Device

“Alexa” is a device that you can think of as a reliable assistant. Because this device is always ready to answer you want anything. Whatever you want to know, this device will find out the answer from Google. Suppose you have a work schedule set, then the device will notify you in time. It is very popular in developed countries and most people are using it. At the same time, people have become much more concerned about their safety.

“The problem comes when people aren’t aware you don’t see until you save the recordings,” said one of their officials. “People should think about what their voice assistants are asking and they know they can delete that information.”

According to an Amazon spokesperson, Alexa recordings are stored securely in the Amazon Web Services Cloud, and no one other than the user can hear them unless the user has access to someone else.

Dixon notes that Amazon’s privacy policy is “quite transparent” and easily accessible to both desktop and mobile, but users will probably be most surprised at how much they can hear their voice if they hear what their Alexa-enabled devices have recorded. Apprehensive.

“I don’t really think these devices are listening to and transmitting this data to third parties all the time, but what I got from listening to my own recordings specifically was much more than I expected,” Dixon said.

If you’re concerned about the privacy and security of your personal information, there are a few steps you can take to protect your Alexa-enabled device.

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1.Secure your Wifi or Home connection

The first step in protecting Alexa is protecting the network that Alexa uses to access the Internet: your home Wi-Fi network. A practice called WordReving requires a secure Wi-Fi network, where a black-hat hacker drives through various neighborhoods, including a portable computer or any other device, to search for the various wireless networks available. If a rogue finds an unsafe network, he or she can use it for free Internet access (such as a person called a Pigbacker) or misbehave with shared network resources.

The problem is that wireless networks are inherently insecure because wireless connections that enable you to access Alexa from the kitchen or living room can also allow the intruder to access the network from outside your home. Fortunately, with a few tweets and strategies, you can protect your wireless network against this threat:

  • Change the router administration and password
  • Change the Wifi Network password
  • Beef Up your Wifi router encryption
  • Update your wifi firmware
  • Create a separate password for your home device

2. Delete your Alexa Voice Recording Everyday

It is good for the security of the device if you delete the daily records every day. Then there is no need to worry about its safety unless you can do regular work every day. If you want to delete your voice recording from Alexa please follow the below step:

  • Open your Alexa Apps
  • Open Settings options
  • Choose Alexa Account-Alexa privacy
  • Tape review voice history (Alexa will show you voice history)
  • Select Date to watch history
  • You can watch here two types of delete option ( individual and to delete all recordings)
  • When ask you Alexa confirm delete to confirm that

3. Option out of Alexa recording

If you do not want Amazon to keep the scripts of your recordings at all, you can opt-out of this feature. Here’s how:

  • Go To your Alexa Apps and open settings options
  • Tap on “Alexa Privacy”
  • Manage How your data Improve Alexa
  • Then turn off the option to improve Amazon’s Services

4. Strength Your Alexa Password

Manage your content and devices with access to your Amazon account Anyone can listen, share, or delete your Alexa voice-recording history on the dashboard. This includes family members who order items under the same user, but your information can also be at risk to hackers who receive your Amazon password.

Arming your security system, requesting directions and travel times, or calling friends – the command you give Alexa is that malicious actors can provide valuable information about your daily routine that could put your personal safety and your home and family at risk. . Follow the best password recovery tips you can with any other login.

  • Go to your Amazon Account and login
  • Click login and security
  • Click the Edit button beside the password settings.
  • Type your current password and,
  • Type new your strong password in two blank boxes
  • Click Save changes

5. Turn On Your device Sound Notification

You must keep the sound option open to know when a message or notification arrives on your device. Then very quickly you can check whether the message or notification has arrived. You don’t have to worry about security anymore. Learn how to do it from the following steps:

  • Select Settings on your apps
  • Select Alexa Devices
  • Sound and Notification
  • Start or end request

6. Disable Your Smartphone Address Book Sharing feature

Your Amazon Echo gives you the option to share your smartphone’s address book with family and friends. Sharing allows Alexa to send messages and emails using your voice commands. However, to prevent hearing or Alexander from sending messages on your behalf incorrectly, Amazon disables you to share your address book and lets you delete all data by making phone calls to Amazon’s customer service team.

7. Turn Off your Microphone and Camera when Alexa not use

Turn off the camera and microphone when you do not use the device. The device will not be able to record your home sound or anyone else’s sound. So your nonsense will not be recorded on the device and your voice is not likely to be smuggled to anyone else.

  • Swipe down the from the top of the screen
  • Go to Settings options
  • Tape Device Options
  • Tape the Camera Switch to Off

Same as you can do microphone Switch Turn Off.

8. Use strong Password and two factor authentication

A password made of steel is a necessary security feature, but sadly, it is not an adequate security feature. A malicious user can still access your account with a camouflage or violent ball so you need second line defense. That line is a feature that Amazon calls two-step verification (a more understandable name than the rest of the Internet often uses for the same feature: two-factor authentication). The “two-step” section means two separate actions are required to gain access to your Amazon account:

First Step:

  • Sign in your Amazon Account
  • verify that you are authorized to access the account by entering a code that Amazon via text or voice to a phone number you control.

Step 2:

  • Surf to your country’s Amazon domain and sign in your account.
  • Go to Account and List in your Account
  • Tape logging & Security
  • Click Edit button beside Advanced security settings
  • Click the get started button that appear to the right of the two-step verification level.
  • Select the radio button for the method that you want to use.
  • Enter the phone number then click send code.
  • Your mobile will come code put it here and click ok.
  • Click got it Turn on Two Step Verification.

9. Turn off Your Device Sound recording

If you don’t want Amazon keep transcripts of your recordings at all you have an option out of this feature. Here’s how:

  • Go to your Alexa Apps
  • Go Settings options
  • Alexa Privacy
  • How your data Improve Alexa
  • Turn off the options to improve Amazon Services.

10. Designate ” Alexa-free” Rooms

Rooms like your main bedroom , kids room and even bathroom are often places where you do not avoid the Alexa Echo device. during this way, you’ll prevent Alexa from obtaining information and conversations that you simply want to stay private.

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