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PUBG Free Download PC

PUB-G is the most talked about the game in the current game industry. He can’t wait to talk about why PUB-G is so popular. Another reason for the popularity of this game is the attractive graphics design, all the charming game features, exciting fighting scenes at every step. Again, its user interface is designed in a way that anyone can understand very easily. What if we could play Pub-G Game on a mobile PC. Many people do not like to play pub-G games on mobile. Again, many people like to play games on the big screen. Today this article we are discussing How to Download PUBG Mobile for free on PC Game-2020.

PUBG or Player Unknown Battle Ground is a real shooter launch last year China game firm Tencent. The game is based on PlayerUnknown Ghost Hotel Battle Royal Game and includes too many controls and activities such as landing from the parachute, collecting the weapons and armors as well as killing and surviving from the enemies. Which makes it quite a task to manage them on our smartphone screen using the touch screen.


For this reason, several players has started figuring out a way to play on their PCs using third party PC Android emulators such as Bluestuck and Nox for enhanced game play. However none of the alternatives worked without glitches.

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To tackie this, Tencent games finally launched the official PUB emulator called Tencent Gaming buddy automatically detects your PCs keyboard and mouse. The emulator is also design in a way to utilize your PCs resources. Though the emulator still to beta phase. its provide overall smooth and leg free gaming experience.

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How you can wondering and install this game full guide in below:

  1. Go
  2. Click from here “Download” button and wait for the download complete
  3. Run the installer and install it on your pc
  4. If complete install click start button
  5. Now “Gaming buddy” will automatically download the game
  6. After the game is downloaded, click on (Play) button and start playing

The game is 2K Resolution, Support 3A Masterpiece graphic. Minium RAM 2GB

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