5 highest-selling Smartphones Over the world 2020

highest-sellling smartphone

According to our(sameotech) research this year’s first nine-month, the iPhone 11 was the best selling smartphone. It was January-June quantity 19.5 million-plus and now more 20 million-plus because we don’t have exact data about real quantity. Apple also not show selling data on her website. Probably the iPhone 11 more ahead in selling data. We are looking for other smartphone market research tools that also show the same data. So we are discussing the 5 highest-selling smartphone list over the world 2020. See full top-selling list 2020.

iPhone 10XR No-5:

Released in 2018, this phone still holds the top spot in sales. Apple’s branding and good chipset and good optimization in the phone became the reason for more popularity among the users. Attractive design and large display have multiplied its acceptability to iPhone lovers. The smartphone was selling a total of 4.7million units. In the previous year, the phone sells 13.6 million-plus.

Redmi Note 8 Pro No-4:

Redmi Note 8 Pro occupies the fourth position in this list. Redmi Note series phones have always been at the top of popularity. This phone is also at the top of popularity. Analyzing the reasons, it can be seen that it is very popular as it has good specifications, a much bigger display, and much more RAM and is available at a much lower price than other brands. In the first half of this year, it topped the 4th position with sales of about 6.1 million units.

Redmi Note 8 No-3:

Again, the Redmi Note 8 phone has occupied the top 3 positions in this list. The company has succeeded in capturing the minds of the customers with its excellent interface HD quality display. Again its RAM and ROM and processor capability and performance have multiplied its sales. Cheap and easy are the names of the game. The phone sold about 6.6 million units in the first half of this year.


Galaxy A51 No-2:

Whether it is good or not, it is good as branding but Samsung is not less. This time, Samsung’s A51 mobile has come up as the 2nd name in the top list of sales all over the world. Many large displays have multiplied the popularity of high resolution 4 cameras. Maybe its place will be occupied by the Samsung A72 which will be released next year because it has 5 cameras attached to this phone. The phone sold about 6.8 million units in the first half of the year. That was the highest-selling smartphone in the Samsung company top list.

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iPhone 11 No-1:

The iPhone 11 has occupied the top and the first position of the world’s smartphone sales. The phone sold 19.5 million-plus in the first half of this year. The phone used Apple’s latest technology A13 processor. In terms of performance, it is able to beat all the phones in the world. The phone was priced at 700 in the US market, much lower than other Apple phones. Attractive design, large display, and eye-catching performance have helped the phone to skyrocket. It was the highest-selling smartphone list 2020 top.

In this Year 10 highest selling Smartphone list

  1. iPhone 11 (19.5 million)
  2. Galaxy A51 (6.8 million)
  3. Redmi Note 8 (6.6 million)
  4. Redmi Note 8 Pro (6.1 million)
  5. iPhone 10XR (4.7 million)
  6. iPhone 11 Pro Max (4.2 million)
  7. Galaxy A10s_(3.9 million)
  8. iPhone 11 Pro (3.8 million)
  9. Galaxy S20+ 5G (3.5 million)
  10. Galaxy A30s (3.4 million)
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