PUB-G Alternative FAU-G Make Indian Tech Firms


Everyone knows the Indian government takes to decision Chinese Game PUB-G banned. Today shocked news this game removed from the play store in All India. Indian tech firms set to launch a battle run mobile video game in partnership with Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, capitalizing on the void left by a ban on Chinese tech firm Tencent’s popular Player Unkown Battle Ground (PUBG). The game, which was made by an Indian tech firm in imitation of PUB-G has been named Fearless and United Guard (FAU-G). This tech firm also announced the game Fearless and United Guard (FAU-G) release the end of October 2020. Talking about the subjects company co-founder Vishal Gondal.

Gondal said this game was in the works for some months, “In fact, the first level of the game is based on Galway Valley”.

On June, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a clash between Indian and Chinese troops over a disputed border site in the high Galwan Valley in the Himalayas.

India has hit Chinese technology companies, which dominate India’s internet economy, with one application ban after another. The latest move on Wednesday banned 118 applications of Chinese origin; Indian gamers, including PUBG, are shocked and angry.

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Everyone should be don’t know, Actor Akshay Kumar’s son is an Indian army officer, who knows to better how to give support to the Indian army. This game also helped with the concept according to Gondal. Watch video

from here about FAU-G.

The Akshay Kumar expected every year 200 million-plus people come to play mobile games (FAU-G). The game users play this mobile game better feel from PUB-G the Chinese game.

The Indian tech firm makes a big team to developed FAU-G mobile game. They are trying to make from better PUB-G. This team always working for developed this game and making new features. But we don’t know it possible the go popularity the same as PUB-G. We are waiting for releasing the Indian mobile game FAU-G.

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India’s first app ban in June, which banned BitDance-owned TikTok, even boosted the use of local video-sharing apps as media company Entertainment Enterprises launched its app.

The Chinese Pubji game has been making strides around the world since its release. Yet the number of downloads of this game is about 500 million. Every day 50 million people regularly play this game which proves its popularity. Its constantly new features encourage anyone to play it. This online-based game is gaining popularity not only in India but all over the world. India not only banned this game but also banned 118 other apps in that country. Gradually, India’s border war with China has turned into an economic war.

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