Google Grace Hopper Cable link the USA, UK, and Spain

Google Grace Hopper Cable

Google Grace Hopper Cable link to the USA, UK, and Spain. Its distance will be 3000 miles and it will go deep in the sea The world-leading tech companies Google recently announced Grace hopper Undersea projects. According to the name this project world-famous American scientist Grace hopper. It is known the Grace hopper cable starts from New York which connects New York to the United Kingdom and Span Bilbawal. The distance from New York to Cornwall in England is about 3290 miles. Google said in a statement that’s Grace Hopper cable is their first private investment on the UK private Subsea cable route and it is the first cable route to Spain.

What’s Different This Cable?

Google says Grace Hopper cable will be completed by 2022 and will work with more reliable technique then fiber optic cable. It is also known that Grace Hopper Cable will work on the new fancy fiber optic switching which will further increase the reliability in global communication.


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The cable is set to 340-350 terabytes of data funnel per second. According to Google, 16.8 million people can watch 4K videos at the same time. High-speed internet will go one step further for future generations.

Google already has three of its submarine cables, Curie, Dunant, and Equiano.
The three cables, from Curie, Los Angeles, to Valparaiso, Chile, on the west coast of the United States, are in operation at the moment. Dunant, USA extends from Virginia Beach to France and is expected to be accessible by the end of this year. Equiano extends from Portugal, south of the west coast of Africa, to Cape Town, South Africa, whose work will be completed by next year.

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Google’s invention is always for human improvements. We hope this project is successfully finished and make more reliable internet speed. Futures generation can get more facilities and increasing our technology.

Google has been named as one of the best companies in the world for what is good. Earlier, Google presented some good projects and is moving towards implementation. Which will accustom future generations to a more advanced and automated life? Suppose 1. Google Robotics, 2. Wing, 3 Project loon, 4. Google Genomics, 5. Deep Minds, 6.Smart Lense, 7. Internet Beaming, 8. Project Ara, 9. Cancer Detecting, 10. Calico Immortality which is much discussed.

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