Samsung Introduces an Interesting Home Device “Ballie”

Samsung Ballie

Samsung newly introduces an interesting home device robot “Ballie”. This ball shape device will help you with various types of tasks in your house. Samsung says “Ballie” utilizes all to be a security robot, a fitness assistant, a tool to help seniors connect with smart devices, in their homes, and it can even be a friend to your kids and pets. Ballie looks like as a tinny rolling robot with advanced Al and BB-8 vibes. Ballie appears to prototype concept at this point in time But it will eventually be offered as a consumer product. Watch Samsung’s official video a video about Ballie.

In an onstage demo, Ballie followed Samsung consumer division CEO H.M. Kim on the stage by rolling around, seemingly using the camera to track Kim as he walked across the stage. It was an extremely beautiful and interesting scene for the viewer. Ballie also gave beautiful little robotic chimes in response to Kim’s multiple orders and sank to the right when called to Kim.

Ballie rolling around and following people seems to be all that Ballie can do at the moment. It was a interesting moment and people enjoying his robotic work. This demo video also shows it many types of activities. How it work in home, people help how and how it send every moment image owners Kim showing in this video.


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How Ballie is an Interesting Robot?

Samsung Bellei is an interesting and intelligent Robot because it can help you with many family work. If you connect your smart devices with him he shows you some extraordinary. Watching Tv after sleeping forget to switch off Tv then Ballie switch off your Tv, lite, and other electronic devices. Even if you go to the office, you can control all kinds of electronic devices in your house. This device will give you a lot of work even if you are at home. Ballie will make every moment of yours memorable. Ballie works the same as your best friend.

It will say goodbye to you when you are out of the house. It will remind you more about what to do at what time. You will find him as a partner while doing every chore in the house. This amazing robot will change your quality of life a lot.

This small tennis ball shaped robot will give you many things in the future that you may not have imagined. It will make people’s lives easier and easier. It relieves the loneliness of your life. Samsung “Ballie” really an interesting home robot which gives you a modern life.

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