Madhabkunda Waterfall Awesome Tourist Place Bangladesh


Madhabkunda waterfall and Ecopark is one of the best tourist attractions for Bangladesh and other foreigners who love travels. This best attraction place is situated in Barlekha Upazila in the Moulabibazar District of the Sylhet Division. It is one of the largest biggest waterfalls in Bangladesh. The waterfalls are a popular tourist spot in Bangladesh. The surrounding forest and the adjoining streams attract many tourists for a picnic, parties and, many types of day trips. The big space (267 hectares) Madhabkhunda was declared as an eco-park with the aim of conserving the Madhabkunda Falls and the surrounding biodiversity. Madhabkunda Falls is about 200 feet (61 m) high which is the most interesting site of this eco-park. A section of the ‘Khasia’ tribe lives in the forest villages of this region. They are involved in some economic activities in the forest. Many reasons Madhabkunda waterfall Awesome tourist place Bangladesh.

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It was the hunting expedition in the path area hills, Raja Govardhan of Gour (1250 to 1260) first wished to establish a resting place for benefit of travelers. He found a monk named Madhabshwar meditating under a waterfall. Respecting the monk, the waterfall was called the Madhabkunda waterfall. Now every people know this waterfall name is Madhabkunda waterfall and Eco-park.

How we can go their:

Go to Madhabkunda we first have to go to Sylhet by bus train or flight from Dhaka. From Sylhet to Madhabkunda distance 80km. We can easily go to Madhabkunda by Bus, Train or private transportation. For the train, the nearest station in Khulna. After arriving at Kuluara, CNG or Car can be hired (400 to 1000BDT ) to go to Madhabkunda. It’s the distance from Baralekha Upazilla 6 to 7 kilometers. We are suggested from Dhaka to Madhubkunda to take a bus trip. Madhabkunda Waterfall and Eco-park entry fee 20BDT only.

If you’re taking Microbus from Kolaura rail station need a minimum of 1 hour. During the 1 hour journey, you will see many beautiful views on Akabaka Street. You have never seen such a beautiful scene as you walk between the green and green tea gardens all around. The environment of your city will make your mind forget for a while. You will see great green things in the garden that will rock your mind. The zigzag road through Capitol Hill and hills that can increase your level of interest. The unbelievable scenery of water falling from a height of 200 feet in Madhabkunda will give you a different feeling and it will take you to the heavenly environment. It will be remembered for many years in your life.

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Heaven place Madhabkunda

Madhabkunda is one of the most wonderful waterfalls in Bangladesh. If you want to see this seen we suggest go their rainy season. The time is most conducive to seeing the true nature. Madhabkunda is surrounded by lush tea estates and it full of water lilies. Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors come here to visit Madhabkunda because of its natural beauty. Especially in the winter season from November to February top visitor com for a picnic. and longer pleasure trips. Most of the travelers visit here the winter season and it is one of the time when you can go top of the waterfall rainy season you can’t imagine it. During the rainy season, a huge amount of water is massive and multiple glasses of water can be seen. Bathing is not allowed as it is risky to get closer to the falling area. Read more


Reason of Visit Madhabkunda

  1. You can enjoy the beautiful nature and awesome scenery of the eco-park and many types of wild animals.
  2. You can visit the Khasia ( gentile village) in the Eco-park inside.
  3. There are also available “Khasia Paan” ( Betal leaf) gardens near the villages available which are most popular.
  4. It is a very popular place for those who are thirsty for travel and it is called as it is known because most of the tea production in Bangladesh is from here.

By Bus Easy Trips

  1. Mamun Enterprise
    The first trip starts from– 7:30 am, last tip – 12:30 pm (one bus leaves every 1 hour)
    Sayadabad -01718438732, Jonopath or-0191777061,
    Fakirapul- 0191287467
    You will find the above bus operators from Mailbag Rail-gate, Razarbag, or Sayedabad bus stand. These services are available from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm
  1. Hanif Paribahan
    Arambagh: 01713-402671
    Sayedabad: 01713-402673

Night Stay In Hotel

Moulvibazar has a lot of best quality hotels, motel, and resort. You can easily stay here night time, so do not think about the night time. The main town also has many hotels. Near Srimangal you saw a lot of hotels available. The phone numbers of some hotels and resorts are given below for your convenience. I know it will definitely benefit you.

  1. Grand Sultan Tea Resort and Golf
    Address: Radhanagar, Sreemangal, Moulvibazar
    Phone: +8801730793552-9
    Email: rese[email protected]
  2. Hotel Helal
    Address: Saifur Rahman Road, Moulvibazar.
    Contact: 0861-52535
  3. Sheraton Plaza
    Address: Kusumbagh, Moulvibazar Sadar
    Phone: 0861-52020
  4. Parjatan Rest House
    Address: Kusumbagh, Moulvibazar Sadar
  5. Hotel Rezia
    Contact no: 01716-086463
  6. Hotel Sonargaon
    Address: Sreemangal Road, Moulvibazar Sadar
    Phone: 0861-64607
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Available Food Facilities

Many types of food available in the Eco-park waterfall area, they start from 250 to 300 BDT. You can also collect food from near Kathatali Bazar’s favorable cost. There are also a variety of restaurants in Baralekha and Moulvibazar. Where most of the tourists have their lunch and dinner. They are many motels where there is a good arrangement of food and all kinds of food are available.

Simple Travel Suggestion

  1. If you visite rainy season take please umbrella
  2. Don’t forget to go down to the waterfall
  3. When renting a car, you must bid.

Amazing Madhabkunda visits a lot of people every year. There are many tourist areas around Madhabkunda where you will have a lot of fun. So if you want to enjoy the natural beauty, you must go there and see the whole scene with your own eyes. We are trying to give you all about Madhabkunda. I think this article is helpful for you to please comment.

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