Android accessibility settings: 5 hidden options use everyone

Accessibility secret settings

In modern life, smartphones have become a part of human life. Without it, people can’t move now. Every moment of life now requires a mobile phone. Today I will write about some of the secrets settings inside the mobile phone that many people do not know. We all know that there is an option called accessibility at the bottom of the mobile settings. The accessibility option has many secrets. There are many hidden settings hidden in this accessibility settings. Android accessibility settings 5 hidden options need to know everyone.

1. High contrast fonts:

These settings will change the text on your phone, create an outline, and make the text more attractive.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Accessibility (new version it’s looking in Additional settings)
  • Vision
  • On high contrast fonts
  • Done

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2. High contrast Keyboard:

If you want to your android phone keyboard something different from other you can settings this.

  • Same as before open accessibility
  • Vision
  • High contrast Keyboard
  • Done

3. Magnification gestures:

If you need to zoom in and out while using the mobile, you can open this option. After one time this setting on you can read any type of text with zooming.

  • Open your same accessibility settings
  • Vision settings open
  • Magnification gestures
  • Turn On this one
  • Done

4. Turn Off All sounds:

When we watching movie this time come one call our movie sound is off show calling sounds. We can settings movie watching for non disturbing turn off all sounds or Mono Audio sounds.

  • Same before you go accessibility
  • from here Turn off all sounds
  • Done

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5. Answering And ending Calls:

If you want to settings your call receive an option from power switch or home button, ending call from volume up or down button working, and If you want to without screen work for call receive and outgoing call just On this settings.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Open Accessibility settings
  • From here settings on power button ends the call
  • Done

Up this setting some mobile showdown or up just follow check these settings where available I think you can do properly. If not understand watch this video.

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