Fix a Mobile Phone that falls into the water very easily

watar fall mobile

Mobile falling into the water is a common problem in this monsoon. If it falls into the water, it will play twelve of your mobile and your pocket by those who repair the mobile. Because it’s a big opportunity for him. Mobile falls into the water in various ways. The number of mobile phones falling in this rainy season has increased a lot. If your hobby mobile phone falls into the water, you can lose a lot of things like data photos and many documents you need. So today we will know what is very important to do when the mobile falls into the water and how to fix a mobile phone that falls into the water very easily.

Remove first battery

Remove your battery from the mobile as soon as possible. The wipe your mobile well with good clean cloth. Then dry in the sun for 2 to 3 hours so that all the water evaporates. In this process never forget to turn on the mobile. Your mobile is now 70 to 80 percent safe but then you have to do something else. Because there are some small parts inside the mobile that can still get water. So be careful not to turn on the mobile yet but it is not safe. Now you go to a mobile repair shop which is near your home. At this time, never forget do not insert the battery on your mobile. In this case, a mobile technician cannot demand more money from you. In this process, your mobile phone has a 99 to 100% chance of getting better.

If Not Possible to remove battery

90% of the new mobiles now have fixed batteries that you can’t open. Technicians have to open them. Then what do we do? If possible, turn off the power on the mobile first. But since you can’t open this mobile, there is no point in drying it. You have to go to the mobile shop as soon as possible. Because as you have the mobile you will be able to supply the battery power supply and those ICs will connect one to the other and destroy your mobile quickly. So such a mobile needs to be completely water-free and repaired with a hit.


Another thing that can be done at this time is to watch your mobile video how to open your mobile from you tube and you can open the battery yourself and discount it.

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Put it Rice Poweder:

We realize sometimes it works amazingly. The Internet also has a lot of proof when a mobile falls into the water after taking this mobile and put some Rice powder in a jar. Now put your mobile this jar for two days. When you put this jar must be phone power off. After two days you see its works properly. You can watch videos here.

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Don’t make that mistake

The common mistake we all make is that I first take the mobile out of the water and turn it on. And this is the main reason why my mobile is damaged at once. So if the phone falls into the water, never do the job. Because if your mobile is open then you can cause a lot of damage. Again many people started using mobile without any action. One thing you have to keep in mind is that if the mobile is not here today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or a month or two later your mobile will be damaged if it. You can know more from here.

If you follow the above methods, your mobile will never be bad if the phone falls into the water.

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