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Android phone overheating and hang solution

Why your phone gets overheating and slow. It has been many reasons today we learn about it. We looking at many customers come to my friend’s repair shop say my phone is overheating I can’t use it. It works but to much heat and very early finished battery life. Some people are come mobile repair shop says my mobile is very slow and hanging it not works I can’t do anything. Some repair shops give you a solution need format your mobile. But sometimes it’s very costly for you because your all data delete when you format mobile. You cannot return this data. So today we give some better solutions for every android user which one you don\t know before. Read the full article if you match the same your problem is 100% percent solve it. But when your problem comes from IC or hardware not work these tips on your phone. If you don’t understand any points please comment to us we give you a reply.

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Why our phone is overheating?

Why our android phone is overheating is the most common question, from android users. The first time when you buy to see your mobile is don’t have any problem. But after 6 to 12 months comes problem overheating. Some android comes to this problem very early. It has many reasons one of the most common cases your mobile is highly loaded. Your ram and processor cannot work this time. Ram is not working properly because it is fully loaded. The processor also not work properly because your phone is fully loaded and many programs are running at the same time. It’s the main reason when we delete or uninstall any apps this time these apps not deleted from your phone properly. The apps only delete from the home screen but this apps is working in the main system. We cannot count how many apps delete or uninstall from my phone last one year. We can delete this type of apps from our phone permanently from the below tips.. You can solve the same problem iPhone from here


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How to totally remove from phone uninstall apps

For delete any apps permanently from your phone first go your play store and open it.

  • My Apps and games
  • Go Press Library
  • You see all your uninstall app lists just click the cross option and delete it from your phone.
  • Delete all apps from this list

Apps Permission settings

Sometimes we look at our most using apps that have permission for the camera, contacts, location, microphone, phone, and storage. It’s made to much pressure on our phone Ram and Processor. We need to off like this permission from the settings of our apps. Look we no need to permission contacts, camera, phone, and storage youtube video-watching time, just we close it.

  • Go to your settings
  • Manage apps or some mobile version show only apps
  • Open like IMO, WhatsApp, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram or most using apps
  • Permission off which one no need your apps

Updates Your apps

When comes one notification on your installed apps is needed to updates so this app is very useful for you then you update these apps. Because sometimes this one is affected by your Ram or processor and Your Phone Gets Overheating and Slow.

  • Open your play store
  • Click the options bar or three-dot
  • Click My apps & games
  • You can choose one by one update or all updates

Play protect setting On

Now we setting play to protect options because when we download apps from play store this time come sometimes third party apps which one is very harmful to our android. If you open this setting the first facility you have come warning from play store and harmful apps affected Your Phone Gets Overheating and Slow.

  • Open play store
  • Click three-dot option
  • Click Play protect
  • Click corner setting options
  • On from two option, one is Scan apps with play protect and another Improve harmful app

Auto Update Off

Automatic update sometimes comes to Your Phone Gets Overheating and Slow. That the reason you can off this setting and any apps do not update without your permission.

  • Open play store
  • Click three-dot option
  • Click from settings
  • from here select Don’t auto-update apps and done

From the same window, we can set Theme options dark, light, Set Battery Saver for help, and it will help increase your battery life.

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