Top 60 AutoCAD Tricks and Shortcuts You Need to Know

Autocad top 60 Shorcut command

AutoCAD is one of the most useful software in the construction sector and engineering programs across the world. Even if you want to make an excellent career it will help you. Because the world most of the engineers use this software and when we have no engineering certificate no problem you can work with AutoCAD a draftsman. It will help you make your future goal. If you want to learn AutoCAD we publish regularly our website about this tutorial totally free. Today we learn AutoCAD’s most essential shortcut key which one you must need to know. If you don’t know the most essential shortcut key you can make drawing properly but take a long time for making a drawing.

Basic AutoCAD shortcut command

1. Line shortcut=L

It’s used for a simple making line in our drawing. AutoCAD use always keyboard space bar is for entering button when you press after press enter (space bar) make a line. Here we show all shortcut keys is a capital letter but when you use AutoCAD this time you can use the small letter any shortcut key no problem.

2. Circle shortcut=C

It is use for make circle. Just pres c and enter make any circle with mouse.

3. Rectangle shortcut=REC

Drawing time you need any rectangle just press rec and enter make rectangle with mouse.

4. Polygone shortcut=POL

This command using for make polygon and minimum 3 sides maximum 1024 sides.

5. ARC shortcut=ARC

ARC is used for corner ARC line making time in AutoCAD. When we need to join two lines and this corner needs to round type then we use ARC command. It is very important for AutoCAD.

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This command can be used to make an ellipse with the major and minor axis.

7. POLYLINE shortcut =PL

This command use for making polyline in drawing.

8. REGION shortcut = REG

Region command used in autocad for showing full drawing and full page. If you want to see full page of your drawing just type reg and enter you see full drawing.

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9. COPY Shortcut = CO

When work in AutoCAD need to copy any objects this time you can use co or cp command.

10. HATCH shortcut = H

Using this command for filling any area meterial like concrete and plaster.

11. OFFSET shortcut = OFFSET

You can do this command any objets offset any distance.

12. TRIM shortcut = TR

We can used trim command for cutting any object. Just write tr and select object and enter.

13. ARRAY shortcut = ARR

Using this command we can make Rectangular, Polar and Path array.

14. OPEN shortcut = OP

This command is using for open any drwaing or browsing your computer.

15. SCALE shortcut = SC

Scale commend use in AutoCAD for any objects scaling. If we need the make drawing scale this time we can use this sc command.

16. INSERT shortcut = I

If you need any block or drawing insert in you current drawing this time use insert or I command.

17. STYLE TEXT shortcut = ST

Using this command for text style window and you can select any style of text.

18. EXPLODE shortcut = X

This command can be used for any object selecting separatly like one rectangular want to select one line this time use x command and do this.

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19. FILLETS shortcut = F

This command using for rounded corners. Just type F after entering and give corner degree like 45 degree or other this cor make like this.

20. DIVIDE shortcut = DIV

If you want to divide any line using this command AutoCAD. Just select the line and type 2,3,4 or ay quantity and press enter.

21. LAYERS shortcut = LA

This command can be used to open layer properties manage palatte which is tool for creating and managing layers in a drawing.

22. CHAMPERS shortcut = CHA

This command we can used for add slant edge to the sharp corners.

23. STRAIGHT LINE shortcut = F8

AutoCAD users when make a line this time you can use for straight line F8 funtions.


When you need new drawing tab this time used just ctrl+n command.

25. SAVE shortcut = CTRL+S

If you need save your drawing just press ctrl+s save your display drawing.

26. SAVE AS shortcut = CTRL+SHIFT+S

When you need same drawing separate space save this time used this shorcut command ctrl+shift+s .

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When your AutoCAD does not show this time used this command for showing command box if you no need again press this command like ctrl+9.

28. UNDO shortcut= CTRL+Z

This keyboard can be used to undo last action in your drawing. You can press this shorcut key multiple time untile reach your action.

29. REDO shortcut = CTRL+Y

This keyboard shortcut can be used for redo or deleted drawing again you can return press multiple time.


If you want to see all opening drawing tab showing just press ctrl+tab.

31. CALCULATION shortcut = CAL

Using this command you can calculation in AutoCAD command line. Its work also any other command time.

32. NCOPY shortcut = NCOPY

Use this command to copy nested object from a block or Xref without exploding them.


Using this command you can check your text spelling which text is correct or not.

34. ARCTEXT shortcut = ARCTEXT

This command can be used for arc align text writing or editing AutoCAD.

35. OOPS shortcut = OPPS

This command used to restore the last deleted object in your drawing. After deleting an objects you are make so many changes this time you think before objects is bettar this time you can use opps and enter.

36. BREAK shortcut = BR

If you want to line,circle or any other objects some space is deleting this time you can use this command. Just write command br select this area and press enter you see cut this area.

37. DISTANCE shortcut = DI

If you need to check any size this time you can use this command di. Just press di and enter select this area you seen your distance size.

38. MIRROR shorcut = MI

This command used for any object text or other everything mirroring. Like if you need one drawing is mirror just command mi enter and select this objects or drawing just select and make one point for mirror objects press enter.

39. TORIENT shorcut = TORIENT

Used this command to set text position. If you need your text to need set any position no problem you can use this command.

40. BREAKLINE shortcut = BL

Using this command you can make line break.

41. PURGE shortcut = PURGE

Using this command you can remove unused name objects like layer, block and dimension style from drawing. I always use this like refresh my drawing and it work more speedy drawing.

42. DRAFTING SETTING shortcut = DS

Using this command you can be setting drafting. Your cursor size cursor type selecting area endpoint everything you can setting from here.

43. EXTENSION shortcut = EX

This command using to line extension. If you make one line this one not enough your drawing this time you can extension with ex command.

44. XEDGE shortcut = XEDGE

You can extract of of a 3D solid as 2D geometries using this tool.

45. REGEN3 shortcut = REGEN3

This command used after 2017 new AutoCAD. It is used for specially helpful removing the 3D Graphics related anomalies and surface tessellations.


We are using this command to create a section plane in the drawing that can see the 3D drawing by sectioning them along with different plans.


Using this command you can fill the open areas of surface like the top of a sylinder.


Using this command you can move any 3D drawing face.

49. 3DALIGN shortcut = 3DALIGN

Using this command you can align solid 3D objects.

50. ALIGN shortcut = AL

This command used to alignment any 2D objects.

51. STRETCH shortcut = ST

This command use for any line or objects to increase.

52. MULTILINE TEXT shortcut = MT

If you need to write any object text we are using this mt command and come option you can write anything.

53. ABSTRACT shortcut = ABSTRACT

If you want to join many objects join for 3D drawing this time you can use this command.


Sometime need to cutting solide wall for insert window this time use substract command.

55. SCALE shortcut = SC

This command using AutoCAD to scaling any objects.

56. BLOCK shortcut = B

AutoCAD users this command for creating a new block.

57. CTRL +2 shortcut = CTRL+2

This command used to open design centre pallete which contains many autocad blocks that can be used directly in your drawing.

58. F7 shorcut = F

Autocad users used this command for showing gridline in drawing.

59. F10 shortcut = F10

Toggle polar tracking on/off with polar tracking active you can make lines inclined to any angle which is define in the polar tracking increment angle.

60. F6 shortcut = F6

Dynamic UCS can be activated or deactivated showing using this function key.

Up this 60 command its very very important for everyone other way you are engineer no cannot prove thats. I have one real story about autocad. My company was a aluminium company. He need two engineer my company first choice is india. So he take from two B.S.C civil engineer take from indian kerala. This time I am working in my company head engineering department. So my boss say take interview from this guys in AutoCAD. I call this two engineer and I remove all toolber from autocad. I order this two engineer make one line. Two engineer looking toolbar but I remove this one they are don’t know any command. After half hour they are say If have toolbar they are can make this. Look my company is have lot of work if you see toolbar after do this you take long time for making drawing. My boss asked me they are good for our company. I answer this time Sir they are engineer no problem but they are don’t know about autocad. Take time for some month for perfect know command. Company say manjur we don’t have time you know our engineering department is very busy better we sent this two engineer his country. Because this two engineer salary 8000 saudi riyal per month. What I can do company send this two guy again india. You are a engineer no problem you need know must this basic command and how much important know from this my real working life.

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