USA Children Thoughts Vs Thoughts of third-world children


Thinking ideas is not the same all over the world people and children. It depends on your situation of the environment. Sometimes its defends on your best income source. Today we talk about the world’s most powerful country USA children’s thoughts Vs Thoughts of third-world children. Third world children always grow up in poverty. They don’t get proper food. treatment, clothes, and shelter. You have to fight with life in every moment in a hostile environment. Due to these reasons, their thoughts and ideas are very different from the developed world. On the other hand, the thoughts of children in developed countries are very different. They don’t have to worry about food, shelter, medical treatment, or anything else. That the reason their future thinking is very powerful and bright.

Third World Children Thoughts:

Third world children what thoughts about their future life. I want to know about this question and answer. Most of the student give answer like this below.

Susanto pal lives in India student reading class 8 I asked him “Sushant” what do you want to be when you grow up? He gives me an answer when he grows up and completes graduation first choice one government job. If he fails this target he wants to try for a non-government job which pays him a high salary. After what you do I asked him he says when I have a lot of money I buy a good house where lives in my father’s mother and other family members.

Similarly, a student from Nepal was asked what you want to be when you grow up? He replied that I would grow up to be a good doctor. What will you do as a doctor? asked again him. As a great doctor, I will work in a big government hospital and help everyone. The government will give me a big salary and with that salary, I can do a lot. I can make a beautiful house. I can be happy with my family.

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Similarly, a student from Pakistan was asked what you want to be when you grow up? Same he replied I would grow up to be will take a government job and make more money from here. After he makes a big house for his family. A lot of people work in home and lot of people come to help him. Could this also be a dream? asked him again he replied same it’s my dream.

Same you asked one Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, and the same other African poor country students asked this question you can see the same answer everyone wants to get a good job when they grow up. A student in these countries spends most of their time studying. They don’t have time to open their minds and think about anything

If you ask a boy from a village in Bangladesh what will happen when he grows up? They will answer directly when they grow up and go abroad and earn a lot of money from there. Because they know that their predecessors did it and they have become very rich. If the student of the city is asked, they will say that when he grows up, he will get a big job, he will get a lot of money from it, he will earn a lot of money.


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USA Children Thoughts:

Now we are trying identify whats are thoughts about the future in USA children or students. I think their thought is very high power and advanced mentality. Third world boys and girls usually can’t do what they imagine. There are many of them who have no thoughts about future. The path of life begins to move aimlessly. We actually tried to figure out how students in the USA would get to know about the future.

A student in the USA was asked what he wanted to e when he grows up? Our minds will melt when we hear his answer. His answer is that he will grow up to form a much bigger IT company. His company will have offices all over the world. Where working world thousand of IT technologies. Everyone will work in a beautiful environment. Where people will work but don’t seem to be working, it will feel like sitting in a room and chatting.

Similarly, when another student was asked the same question, he answered differently. When he grows up, he wants to work with a company like NASA. He wants to travel to a different planet. He wants to see the unknown and see what people can’t do. When a company like NASA has big rockets near his house then it is his dream to be normal, which third-world children cannot even imagine.

Similarly, If another student is asked the same question we are just surprised by the answer. His straightforward answer is that he wants to build a search engine like Google. Where people from all over the world will search for their specific topics and fin them. I was really surprised to hear the words about the future of the students from Youtube. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection? Because I have learned by searching for everything on Google since childhood. There is nothing that cannot be found there.

When we look at the thinking of American boys and girls and the thoughts of third world boys and girls, we find many differences. There is a stark difference between their thoughts. The children of the developed world never get the environment that the children of the developed world get. In the developed world, a boy and a girl get an internet connection from the beginning of their life, which allows them to travel all over the world on a computer. Where it takes 20-25 years for children in the Third-World to become familiar with the term Internet, children in developed world are constantly playing with it.

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Here I do not want to say anything to make anyone small. These topics have been explored from different pages of geography and from meeting students of different channels of this type.

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