10 Upcoming Google Future Projects Surprise You!

Google future projects

Google working for advanced technology projects for world people’s better life. Same time google invention new things which are very important for the science era. Same as we talking today about 10 upcoming google new projects which surprise you. Google next projects Google robotics, Wing, Project loon, Google genomics, Deep minds, Smart lense, Internet beaming, Project Ara, Cancer detecting, Calico-immortality are the name of projects. 10 Upcoming Google future projects surprise you and give a better life future generation.


google robot wilcat
Google robot wildcat

Google’s upcoming new projects are robot-related. Alphabet is a part of google who invited 2013 year many of famous robots company. This time google selected one of the best robotics companies named Boston dynamics. Boston dynamics famous for animals type robot making. Google selected this company for new projects ROBOTICS. This company making all robots are the same as animals. Many types of a robot this company one robot named Wildcat. Chita robot was a very powerful and energetic robot who can run 29 miles per hour.


Google parents company Alphabet WING

project first-time show in October 2014. This project for the drone system which using for shipping various types of products from one place to another place. An E-commerce site can deliver their products to the customer using this type of drone. WING project also carrying many products for sending a customer. This project not only starts Google the same as the project make also Amazon, Uber, and other famous companies. If this project is successful you cannot amazing how much facility adds future our life. Amazon gives order any products this one comes with a drone a few seconds.

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google loon project

Project loon is another google parent organization Alphabet project. The main objective of this project is to bring the internet to everyone’s house. There are many places in the world where the internet has not reached now. Alphabet has taken up this project to bring the internet to those places. Through this project, two thirds, of the world’s people will be covered by the internet. This work will do with a hot air balloon which one is a very high attitude. This high altitude balloon will be covered all over the world connect with the internet.

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It is very surprising that human civilization has come so far but we don’t know how far we will go further. In 2006, the first time double spiral DNA came to the forefront of the world. Today we can genetics results within a week. Only 100 dollars genetic sequence we can test. Google set up a google Genomics in 2014 to store this genomics data. Google developing a mind glowing interface which uses we can store data server. Microsoft also developed like this project its name Microsoft genomics. Google and Microsoft are using Amazon’s best service to bring this service to the people.


DEEP Minds is a Google artificial intellegence research farm project. The Artificial Intelligence Project at Google 2017 used a human for the first time with Atari 2600 game. Atari 2600 is a very complex game. Google Artificial Intelligence has made a bit of games such as showing any kind of specification. With the company games anyone can learn by watching anything like a baby.


Google Eye contact lense
Google Eye Contact lense

The smart lens is another google project in which one uses 16 power Eye contact lense. Eye contact lense use on our eye and collect any type of biological human information. These lenses are equipped with a number of sensors that can collect different types of information by looking at the body like body temperature, blood data, alcohol content, and some biological data collection. Only like this is not enough this company also announced in 2014 some microlenses come in her hand which one can collect much of information from the eye. Sony also working like this project may be more successful in this project.


Titan Aerospace drone
Google drone

Alphabet makes internet-beaming two projects one is hot air balloon another is internet-beaming drones. For this project google alphabet buying Titan Aerospace company. Titan aerospace company drones can fly 1 year plus in the sky without energy supply. Sanora fifty names drone is also the same type of drone. This type of drone has 150-meter wings which use 3016 solar cells. Which one collecting energy from the sun. When flying this drone this time take energy from the sun. From this energy, this type of drone can fly about 5 years. Aerospace drone one time flying after five years can supply internet connectivity in the world. It is one of the Google future projects.


Google future phone
Google future phone

Project ARA is a google smartphone project. Google wants to make a different smartphone and this type of smartphone all parts are separate. The feature of this type of phone is very interesting. This type of phone you can change the camera, ram, memory, and other things. Just imagine your phone camera is 12 megapixel and now come market 50-megapixel camera available you can install a -megapixel camera easily. Like this when you can upgrade any parts without buying a new mobile. So it is a fantastic discover google and time buy phone use many years no problem. Google future project smartphone for everyone helpful because of people no need to change mobile. It is one of the best google future projects.


Google Cancer detecting Pill
Google Cancer detecting pill

Google’s next future project is a cancer-detecting pill that has some magnetic materials. A pill to detect cancer in the early stages. This pill will go into our body and find the cells that are responsible for our cancer. The pill will help to diagnose not only cancer but also other diseases and which cells are coming from. The project will take a long time to finalize as it is currently being researched inside the Google X-Research Lab. It is one of the brilliant Google future projects.


CALICO-IMMORTALITY is one another google project for humans. All people want to live a long time in the world. The tendency of people of all religions to survive is much higher. Google is researching this technology to increase human life expectancy. At the same time, it is going to control the medicines that will be available during the extended life that is going to be controlled. It is very important to know this project everyone not supports. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, says that while we have not yet been able to find a way to cure diseases like malaria, prolonging human life seems to be a bit more of luxury.

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