Bangladesh Tech Giant Produce Ventilator COVID-19

Bangladesh producing ventelator

It is a very important time to take or produce more ventilators in Bangladesh. Covid-19 patients increase day by day. This patient’s need for life support must ventilator. But it is buying from another country is very costly and takes more time also. World most of the country affected this COVID-19 virus. That is the reason every country need more ventilator for their local patient. This time any country cannot satisfy to export ventilator another country. The USA a president already announce to order most of the tech product making the organization produce to Ventilator. Because it is one of hotspot COVID-19 cases. So if you think this country is now ready to export a ventilator? Ans no. Because of most big amount of people affected in America. They need more quantity of ventilators. Another country situation is also no good. That the reason Bangladesh tech giant produces a ventilator locally.


What is Ventilator:

A ventilator is a machine for life support COVID-19 patient and another dangerous patient. The machine which helps patients with breathing. COVID-19 cases when patients go dangerous situations this time need must be a support ventilator. Bangladesh patients also increasing day by day that is the reason some company takes decision Bangladesh producing a ventilator locally.

Our health minister says this country government hospital available 500 ventilators and 700 in private hospitals. It is a very small quantity for huge people. 500 ventilator means every 340000 people one ventilator. When more increase these diseases it is not possible to control in Bangladesh. So immediately need action to Bangladesh Tech Giant Produce Ventilator COVID-19.

We are looking Indian health system they have 30,000 and 40,000 ventilators available in government and private hospitals. This one for per people 30,000. They say need more than 1 million, give the order to Maruti, Tata, and Hyundai to produce ventilators urgently. Pakistan has a 2200 ventilator for their patient care. This comes for every 86,000 people for one piece. The USA has now 160,000 piece ventilators. That is about one ventilator for every 20,000 people. They give orders to the local manufacturing company more than 100,000 piece products in the next 100 days.


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Good news for Bangladesh produce ventilator:

Bangladeshi tech giant vision group of companies declared to producing in Bangladesh ventilators. They give already sample to the health ministers for permission to production a ventilator. In this situation, it is very good news for Bangladesh. International market one ventilator price is up to $2000 but the vision group said they are can supply for Bangladesh a very cheap price it can $550 to $1100 USD dollars. Vision group, also said they are can produce per week 100 ventilators. So we hope in this situation very urgently our health minister give permission to make urgently this ventilator. Bangladesh business forum FBCCI declared the first 10% ventilator they are bought after free send in hospital for the emergency patients.

Another tech giant Walton Bangladesh group of companies said they are also sent a sample for permission in health administration to produce ventilators in Bangladesh. If they quickly give health administration permission they are very quickly going to produce ventilators in their factory. This ventilator quality maintains the same as Europe and they are supplying this one at is a very cheap price for Bangladesh.

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Corona virus first affected in china and now this virus COVID-19 is spread over the world 218000 plus people death in many countries. The USA is the hotspot to quickly spread this virus and increase is every day. No more vaccine it is one of the most important for this cases. World any organizarion cannot discover this virus vaccine or madicine. That is main reason very quickly when affected after people death.

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We hope very early go production in Bangladesh this emergency medical machine gives everyone to medical facilities. COVID-19 affected people are very quickly increasing in Bangladesh. In this situation need this very urgent for saving our people life ventilators. We also hope future Bangladesh export ventilators other country and make more remittance for Bangladesh. It is very important time Bangladesh Tech Giant Produce Ventilator COVID-19

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  1. weynne soares

    These ventilators are being produced in a important moment. We hope that so much people be reached. Congratulations for Bangladesh!

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