Made in Bangladesh Mobile Brand May You Know Surprised

Made in Bangladesh smartphone

It all over the world knows Bangladesh is a very small country but it has a large (180million) quantity of population. That country’s productivity increases day by day and people buying empower also increases. Last year 2019 national GDP growth was 7.8 percent. It is very important for a country. It was a very good situation for Bangladesh. National and international companies invest because it is a very better time for investing in Bangladesh. We know when a country people buying empower increase is better for a country’s economy. Before we are looking Most of the mobile handset import from another country. But this day is finished for Bangladesh. Now Many international Brands locally production their handset and some national brand also invest in this sector. Symphony is the first brand for this sector now Walton Bangladesh makes a big plant for making handset. This situation Bangladeshi mobile brand may you know surprised-2020. Now locally made handset in Bangladesh five brands.

  • Symphony
  • Walton
  • iTel brand
  • We
  • 5 Star

Many international Brand also makes locally factory for their production like Samsung. This company maximum selling handset assembly now Bangladesh. Other companies also processing to make their plant in this country. May we looking most of the international brand producing their product in Bangladesh because here one of the big facility labor is available at very low wages that the cause due to which the cost of production of the product is reduced. Another reason for investing in Bangladesh we show here about the mobile market in Bangladesh.

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2019 Year Bangladesh Total Sale Smartphone and Basice Phone

Total Sales 32800000 Unites

Smart Phones Sales 7680000 Unites

Basic Phones Sales 25100000 Unites

Localy assembled 14200000 Unites

Imported phone is 15200000 Unites

Up this list see anyone impressed to talking about Bangladesh. For information 9 international smartphone brands already start their products assembled in Bangladesh. The international brand’s company like Readme, Oppo, Realme, and other many brands comes for making their handset in here. So it is very smart and good news for Bangladesh. Samsung company is the top place in Bangladesh for selling the smartphone market. Oppo sub-brands realme preparation to make made in Bangladesh brands.

We are discussing made in Bangladesh the local brands which are very easily covered in our smartphone and basic phone market.


Symphony mobile phone brands eyed to the export to their smartphone products by 2020 with “truly” Made in Bangladesh tag. It is very proud news for Bangladesh people. They are increasing their production make more two plants that are expected to produce in 2022. The plant expected to go production we will start export meeting after local demand said “Jakaria Shahid ” managing director of Edition group.

Symphony can assembled smartphone per month in their existing factor 150k. Another type of feature phone can assembled their factory 125k so it very big quantity and future we hope their more production and stop import handset by other country.

Edition group total invests these three plant over 100 crore taka and more employees can work here. After these three plan completing their not only assembly phone their make plan, all parts are making here like motherboard, LCD, speaker, camera, software every total side. So we can be thinking about the future a lot of people can work in the software sector, hardware sector, and assembling sector and also can work in the sale and repair sector.


Now Walton is a big and largest mobile company in Bangladesh. It has a total solution for smartphones every part. Thy is not the only assembly this company makes every part in their factory-like LCD, motherboard, speaker case every kind of parts manufacture Chandra Gazipur factory. Walton is not only made mobile their make all types of electronic products in Bangladesh and it exports all over the world. Walton is the first smartphone company who make made in Bangladesh phone and export their smartphone product in the USA.


Within a short time, the good quality of the locally finished smartphone with advanced features has drawn buyers’ attention as well as trust. Now Walton is manufacturing international standard smartphones which will be exported to the US, Australia, and other developed nations would be next export destinations soon. Walton also linked with US-based E-commerce giant Amazon to market ” Made in Bangladesh” labeled electronics and ICT devices in the US market.

.Walton now exported their smartphone and other electronic product around Asia, Europ, and other countries exported their product over 35 countries. It is very proud of the news for Bangladesh.

Now Walton can production in their local factory the amount of smartphone 800000 and features phone quantity are 2000000 per month.

Walton also insert their production list mobile accessories like housing, chargers, earphone, batteries, PCB (Printed circuit board), USB cable etc. Currently walton produces 1000000 chargers, 500000 to 600000 batteries. Walton also has double capacity for production accessories.

Last year Walton company sold 1201620 pieces smartphone and 4176407 pieces feature phone in the local market. You can think about the power of Walton products’ capability to produce. This company has international standard quality certified (ISO 9001:2015)

iTel mobile:

Many of the international leading company impressed to make handset plants in Bangladesh. Because the Bangladesh government policy that compelled importers to set up plants in the country looking to bear fruit. It is to make a good situation for a developing country to make more people’s jobe here. Bangladesh Telecom and ICT minister also declared who are locally produced they’re giving tax only 13 percent and who are imported handset give tax govt 32 percent. This policy is working for an investor like a medicine. So many handset importer interests to make it locally.

Itel Chinese brand company can assembled Bangladesh locally 3 lakh handset of which one lakh are smartphone.

Rezanul Huqe chief executive officer says ” we have a big dream for our plant” the first target is to cater to the local market. After which export opportunities will be explore. Transsion has another brand of iTel and people know this brand is Techno. This one also very early wants to start to here locally production. After techno brand production assembled Bangladesh total company brands is being 6.

WE Mobile:

WE mobile is a new brand launched in Bangladesh year 2017. It starts with a big group of companies in Bangladesh Aamra group. This group has many subsidiary companies like IT, Textile, Outsourcing, and the professional development sector. The primary target of Aamra group production here low budget phone and low-middle budget customer segment.

WE smartphone has many facilities like Free Wifi Internet, Free cloud storage, and smart device for one phone. This company monthly can production smartphone 90,000 thousand and total power of production a month 4,50000 units.

5 STAR :

5 Star is another brand which starts their journey in Bangladesh and total target to export another country in 2022. Five stares make many types of smartphones and feature phones which love is Bangladeshi people. Its design is very attractive and it sells very affordable price for this country. First, there are totally imports this phone but when our government increases tax here more this time they are taken to decision making here manufacturing plant in Bangladesh. ” Made in Bangladesh” to rule the roost to soon. Bangladesh’s next target is export to the smartphone after 2022.

The five-star smart company makes its first plant in Gazipur 6th floor. 20 thousand square feet space their make now a smartphone. A little time this company increases its capacity and it becomes a large mobile manufacturer in Bangladesh. They are the main target is low and middle-class price phone manufacture. So small earning people can easily buy their handset. The company CEO says their a few times huge success from five-star brands.

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