Mobile Service-Great Idea For Make Money

Some people are heading this way for making money. But it is a very powerful way to make money and that way is an independent way. You know when you work in an office your boss much time give you huge work. After a huge work finish, you can take the same salary but when you go for income an independent way, I think you can make more money. When people any problem his mobile this time these people need must a mobile doctor who repairs mobile. Mobile is an electronic device this one can come problem any time anywhere. This time a Mobile technologist takes from the big amount from customers. Even you cannot find one person not using a mobile. So Mobile Service-is a great idea for the highest money earn.

How Much Earn A Mobile Technologist:

How much earn a mobile technologist is defended in her work experience and a good space. We saw some mobile servicers make 3000$ monthly. It is for the calculation of middle east countries and western countries more. My experience when learning university my one friend says go to one mobile training center. Here we see many people learning about mobile servicing. So I am also interested in this. My friend this time was this training center teacher. After my class every day I go there for learning about mobile service. After three months we look at many of the work I know. Which parts what work, which IC working for networking, which IC working for power supply, which one is working for sound everything. It was self-playing learning, not more. After finishing my learning when going foreign country here we see a good job like a gold dare. Maximum people working day labor and very few small salaries. Many top educated people do this work.

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I take the decision for a working mobile technologist. I have a very small experience but My bravery was very strong. Thanks to google for helping when comes any hard work this time I take help from google. I go market and take one space for mobile servicing. I can’t imagine how much I can earn from this work. The work of this mobile had opened my eyes. The first time working it was very hard. After a few months, I saw it is very easy. Day by day my customers increase when my experience top level. I can not control my work because of huge customers I take two helpers for my work helping. One guy working only changing LCD, touch, speaker or other alternative parts and another guy working for IC replacing. This time I solve only software work and command these two guy and customer handling. These two guys also make more money from this work. A labor daily income 30 to 40SR but I give two guys 300SR daily. After giving a salary, also I have a big amount in my pocket. It was a lot of fun and a way to make good money and independent work.

How you can start this work:

First, you need to must training from any training center for basic learning. Another way online training is very popular now. After you need one good space for more customers. It may be a mobile shop small box no problem. First, do only normal work and like speaker change, mouth speaker change, internal battery change, and other small work. If you don’t know open mobile how to change this to do this just go youtube, search what you need and solve. For start, this work needs some accessories. If you new take Idea from this video


Some Important Accessories:

  1. Scro driver T4, T6, Star 5 to 6 set
  2. Tweezer 2 set
  3. Soldering Machine/Hogan 1 pc
  4. Power Supply machine
  5. Led
  6. Meter
  7. Joining cable ( For any line disconnect and join this)
  8. Rozen
  9. Microscope ( For advanced users)
  10. Mobile software service box, For octopus, Samsung and other mobile work Z3X box
  11. Laptop or desktop and internet connection.
  12. After buying primary accessories now need to buy some software box for software work solving.

How to start Finally work:

Now we have one space and have all accessories for servicing so lets go for starting work. First, remember when a customer comes to you, they must listen carefully. He has to answer his words with a smile and set a good rate. Take some time like one hour or two hours and maybe one day or two days. But it is remembering to keep always your commitment. Some service worker like when he say tomorrow come but not solve any work after tomorrow comes customer say again tomorrow this time customer very hungry. Maybe this customer next time not come for mobile work in your shop. Commitment is very important for a technologist. Some servicemen like this talking final rate are 20 when tomorrow comes customer this work was very hard I need more money it one also bedside for a technician. Not do this when a customer comes first time this time what you say this one is final other way take customer phone number write in customer mobile backside when need any extra parts to call the customer to discuss the extra parts and demand more money no problem.

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Every technician is a thief but you not do this it is very important for a good mobile technologist. May you look some people when giving for mobile servicing he looking very carefully in this mobile when working a serviceman. This is mostly due to mistrust. One time you do work faithfully next time you look this people come for any problem-solve with you. Honesty is the best policy for future life.

Solve Any Big Problem:

Mobile service is not a small spot for working. It is very big spot when you know every kind of IC repair work and every kind of software solution. The first time you not do big work like IC repair or replace. What you do this time not work? must work but take time one day or two-day research with google or youtube must say customer after repair may do not come again mobile power if take customer risk do this work. If not take risks do with another technician who have good experience and you must look at how to solve this problem. Next time you can do this work. Like every work you can solve and can make a good career.

If your mindset no work is short. Every work is great and it can help a good and successful future. Working with one slogan “honesty is the best policy”. Mobile service is a great occupation when you do this properly.

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