Success Story Of Walton Bangladesh LTD-2020

walton Bangladesh Success Stroy

There are very few people in Walton Bangladesh who are not familiar with this name. In 2002 it started the journey to this company. They have established a new factory in Gazipur Walton Hitech and Walton micro corporation names two companies. Despite being a businessman, this man was involved in various social services. Walton is the first electronic product produced in Bangladesh and whose goods are exported abroad. Honesty is one of the examples of honesty and success name is Walton. It is we know all products of Walton Group are marketed as Walton. There are many behind the creation of today’s Walton brand. It was the first step of the success story of Walton.

Founder of Walton Bangladesh:

Walton was founded by SM Nazrul Islam. He was born on 7 May 1924 in the Tangail district in Kushiel village. Nazrul’s first name of the business is constructing business in Karnafully paper mills. Sometimes he did tin Bussiness Nazrul joined his business father at a young age. They used to do business with India Assam from Bangladesh. When Bangladesh independent from Pakistan in 1971 they are making different businesses in Bangladesh. They are starting a new organization name is “RB Group”. R comes from Razbi and B comes from brothers. Razbi was the name of his eldest son and father of his five sons and two daughters. His songs are all involved with the Walton Group. But how to come to this Walton name. Nazrul discusses with his son and other family person and takes a final decision of the company name is Walton and Marcel. Firstly they make electronic business and all product names put Walton. In this article, we are talking about the company.


What type of product produced Walton:

Motors, Mobile, Electronics, and now newly added home appliance type of product produced by Walton company. Automobile and electronics are the big income source in the Walton group. Walton is the government’s largest revenue-generating company. Walton’s main factory in the situation is Gazipur Chandra. Working this factory more than 30000 people and make this factory various types of products like Refrigerator, Fridger, Motor-cycle, AC, LED and LCD TV, and many other home appliances. Walton mobile is the best sale products in Walton. They make many types of android mobile and is the best price for Bangladesh people. Walton also makes many types of features phone for her customers and it is very popular in this country. It is very important to know this company now exports its products to more than 20 countries.

List of Walton product:

Walton has any type of product like AC, Refrigerator, Motorcycle, Mobile, Led TV, LCD TV, Laptop, Computer, Washing Machine, Led light, many types electric products, Air cooler, Air purifier, Rooti maker and Micro oven too many other home appliance. This list is very big if you want to see online product Walton please go from here.

In December 17 in 2017, the country left the last breath of this tech giant. It was a very sad moment for Bangladesh.

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