Smart Toilet Can Test All diseases-2020

deseases examine toilet

Future technology is very interesting to make our life. Some scientist discovers some special Get get which one you see and laughing maybe a few time. But it is a future technology that makes our life is easier. Like this Stamford University scientist makes one new Toilet Get get for people which one you can use to test your diseases give accurate results. The scientist says they are have put this normal toilet some sensors which are can test urine and waste. It’s can automatically test this urine and mall that’s the reason not more being a problem. The researcher also says this device is very important for kidney problems, Tantrik problems, and prostate cancer patients.

The Stamford university researcher Sanjib sen says it a very old idea but we include some new devices in this smart toilet. When listening to some people are too much laughing but it was an interesting time. Sanjib also says we insert some new extra gadgets. This gadget some new extra technology make this device something is very powerful for testing urine and waste. After including all sensors this smart toilet like a special testing machine which is can test everything. Finally, it can send the testing report for the doctor. It has the opportunity to examine two types of urine and waste.


Researchers say, “Human fingerprint IDs are as unique as fingerprints. the restroom has tiny scanners, which scan the buttocks. the most purpose of this is often to check ideal and absolutely personal health. Fingerprints also can be read when flashing outside.

This smart toilet makes our life is interesting because when this release in market people no need to go testing lab. Easily can test this toilet and very quickly can take result. Today people look and laughing but in the future, we are thinking every people use this device may be every home.

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