10 Best Attraction to visit in Bandarban BD-2020

Bandarban is the best popular place in Bangladesh for travel. It’s a district of south-eastern in Bangladesh and a part of the Chittagong division. Bandarban has many places for the attraction of visitors. About million of people national and international traveler travel here every year. Bandarban’s best attraction places are Nilgiri, Nilachal, Nafa-Khum, Amia-Khum, Keokaradong, The gold temple, Meghla Parjatan, Sangu River, Rijuk Jharna, UpabanParjatan.

How you can go Bandarban

From Dhaka to Bandarban has many bus services are available and another way you can go Dhaka to Chittagong by air flight. After you can go by bus from Chittagong to Bandarban this takes maybe 2 hours’ time luxury bus. The Bandarban main town has many hotels and motels for a traveler. Single bad one normal room take maybe 500 to 600 Bangladeshi taka and big room start from 1500 to up per night. So careful when taking up a room, you must negotiate a bid. Now we talking about 10 best places where you can go from there and some short descriptions.

Nilachal & Megla Porjatan Complex:

Nilachal is a beautiful great place for the traveler and Megla Parjatan complex under the area. This is two places for the main attraction of Bandarban to maintain district administration. Nilaihal is a spacial spectacular view from the hill apex and taking amazing natural photos. These two tourist spots near the town. About 5 kilometers away Nilachal Parjatan complex and from here Megla Parjaton complex, not more than 1 kilometers. So when you go to Nilachal you can also visit the Magla Parjatan complex. The total glance of Bandarban town vast photographic you can see from here. When you go their first time you see how beautiful this place before we cannot describe this area because it is an unbelievable natural beauty.

The Gold Temple:

The Buddha Dhatu Jadi Bengali name (the Gold Temple) is located very near to balaghata town, in Bandarban city. It looks like make everything is gold many Buddha religious people come here for prayer. Most of the traveler must visite here because is very attractive. The temple is placed on top of a hill and then from there is mesmerizing. A picturesque tourist hotspot to the traveler visite in Bandarban besides all those beautiful hills, waterfalls and many other exciting natural beauty locations seen from here.


If you want to touch clout you have to need to go to Niligiri in Bandarban. It is the most beautiful and most attractive hotspot for visitors. At Nilgiri cloud will come to you, even you can catch in your hands. On the above, the blue sky and white cloud playing in the mountain in Nilgiri. It is the place of the spectacular beauty of nature. Local people called this place name Darjeeling in Bandarban. Because Nilgiri is the same as Darjeeling. For those who love adventure best night in your whole life in Nilgiri. Here indigenous beautiful girl welcomes you. You can buy from indigenous girls many hands made products. Also, you can see here above 2000 to 2500 feet up from the sea levels the sky and natural beauty. Nilgiri from Bandarban 50kilometers and you remember must after 5 pm not allow anyone in a tourist spot for security and safety. Total area coverage in Bangladesh army that why you can safely travel here.



Keokaradong is the highest hill in Bangladesh. About 4035 feet (1230 meters) high from the sea level. It is situated from the Roma subdistrict of 30 kilometers Bandarban district. This remote area is a fully natural beauty, consisting of small and big mountains and hills. This area is covered with dense forest birds and animals. You may be surprised after seeing is beauty. It is visited many adventures tourists in winter, Dazzling beauty of green hills, zigzag path, cool fountain cool roadside, and seek game of cloud it became a mind glowing tourist spot. It is situated in Myanmar and Bangladesh border.

Nafa khum:

Another tourist hotspot Nafakhum is a waterfall in Bangladesh on the Sangu river. Nafa is a largest waterfall in this country by volume of water falling. The hilly river suddenly falls down 25 to 30 feet down and looking very beautiful. The word Khum is coming from the Burmese language and it means falling.

Amia Khum:

Amia Khum is located Thanci Subdestrict of Bandarban. The water fall is looking like a dream. This place is a uniqe beauty mountain and waterfalls. It is make your mind mentally and physically very strong. May be god decoration everything in her apon hands in this space. One time you go here may be forget to return.

Sangu River:

The sangu is a river in Bangladesh and Myanmar border. It is seen from Bangladesh 270 kilometers and from Myanmar you seen 173 kilometers. It is very attractive popular for adventure. It water are very clean like a dream world and two side of river scenery amazing. Your journey may be not full if you not seen this river.

Rijuk Jharna:

The waterfall locally calls (Rijuk Jharna) is located on Roma subdistrict in Bandarban. The water is continuing to fall into river Sangu over the years from about 300 feet high hill with beautiful sound and this water is shiny like pearl particles in the space make a special beauty of nature. If you want to look at the main beauty and attraction of this waterfall the best time is the rainy season. This awesome natural place makes your heart totally naturalistic and it’s the beauty of nature calls you again and again.

Upaban Parjatan:

Upaban Parjatan is a another beautiful space for the traveler and is situated in Bandarban at Naikhonchari. It is a wonderful gift of nature and here are amazing lake surrounded by forest. A lot of birds singing this lake and you will be surprised when seeing this natural scene. They have a hanging bridge it is over from the hanging bridge. It is the location from the Bandarban main town 110 kilometers. Another way when you go cox Bazar from here you can go Roma subdistrict of Bandarban by bus after you can go from here Naikhonchari.


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