You Can Link Your Mobile With Windows 10 Computer

Link pc with mobile

Windows 10 has more new features for users. Microsoft also updates this windows version and has more security. Before we link with a computer to mobile what use maybe everyone says the cable. Advance users answer Bluetooth. After learning this article your answers no need anything. Because Windows 10 has more new features for her best users. Today we write this article on how you can link with computers connect an android mobile without cable.

Do this work for we go first windows 10 operating system settings after completing this work.

  • From windows 10 settings system click phone options
  • Click now Add a phone
  • Now you see a phone number options you put here your phone number, before select Bd(880) if you another country select country code.
  • Click send button
  • After a few times maybe come one massage on your phone. This massage has a link you click on this link.
  • When open this link may you go for download one Microsoft launcher
    apps, download and install this app on your mobile.
  • Now open these Apps and login with a Microsoft account. It makes not difficult the same as a make google account.
  • You put Microsoft’s username and password in the Microsoft launcher app.
  • After sign in your account, you click from here Got it
  • Next click Lets go
  • Now your phone link with your pc and this work does Microsoft launcher. Also, you can set this launcher for your default launcher.

So, friend, you can this way connect your mobile with pc. If you have any problem, please comment we will give you an answer. Sameotech team is always ready for giving answers. Connect us you can learn everyday new tech article for your increase knowledge. We are published here new tech news, tech tips, how can earn money articles, and travel guides who are love travel.

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