Download Facebook Video Without Any Software

Facebook is now the most popular social media in the world. It is we know the world most of the people have a Facebook account. People use this social media for connecting with friends and other close people. We use Facebook but most of the people Facebook popular video how to download. Many Facebook video downloaders available in the play store but we don’t know which apps actually work. Because their maximum apps using are not know everyone that why there cannot download this popular video. Today we write here how to download Facebook video without any software. Carefully read the full article and learn how to do it.

Here we are using some steps to download a Facebook video. Don’t worry this is not difficult, very easy and everyone can do it.

Steps 1: Go to your Facebook homepage with any browsers and default facebook browsers.

Steps 2: Scroll down and choose any video for download on your computer.

Steps 3: Mouse Right button click one your chooses video here you see one video URL option just click this one,

Steps 4: Shows here this video URL, mouse right button click and copy this URL.


Steps 5: You now open a new tab on your browsers and past here search bar this URL which one you copy.

Steps 6: Press keyboard enter and you will see your address bar like this address: https://www.facebook.com/Slidedrome/videos/2034141386884948

Steps 7: You looking here a long address from here remove just www and write here mbasic, not change other any things and press enter-


Steps 8: Your screen show this video and mouse right button click on this video you see many options and from here click open a new tab in this video.

Steps 9: When opening this video new tab again mouse right button and select from many options save video as an option and you select any location on your pc or desktop, save it.

Ok our work is finished and this video is now in your pc and you can open this video any time from your computer. We are published many tech posts on this website sameotech.com. So connected always with the website take many tech posts for your increase knowledge.


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